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Hello and welcome to my profile, I'm Mckayla. Please enjoy checking out my profile. So, I was thinking and I might write stories for Once Upon a Time and maybe Harry Potter or Glee. I already write for Vampire Diaries, Originals, Legacies, Criminal Minds, and Pretty Little Liars. I am willing to take requests for stories. I don't suggest you wait for them as it will take a while before I write them. Like I said, I will take requests.

My Favorite TV Show Characters

Once Upon a Time:

Emma Swan

Regina Mills

Henry Mills

Captain Hook

Belle French

Zelena Mills

Snow White

Robin Hood

David Nolan

Ruby/Red Riding Hood


The Vampire Diaries:

Klaus Mikaelson

Bonnie Bennett


Tyler Lockwood

Mason Lockwood


Sheriff Forbes


Katherine Pierce

Carol Lockwood

Jenna Sommers

Valerie Tulle

Aaron Whitmore

Kol Mikaelson

Dr. Wes Maxfield

Kai Parker

Luke Parker

Liv Parker

Finn Mikaelson

Caroline Forbes

Elijah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

Mary Louise

Nora Hildegard

Damon Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

The Originals:

Klaus Mikaelson

Marcel Gerard

Davina Claire


Sophie Deveraux

Jackson Kenner

Kol Mikaelson

Lucien Castle

Tristan deMartel

Aurora deMartel


Josh Rosza

Vincent Griffith


Harry Potter:

Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Fred Weasley

George Weasley

Bellatrix LeStrange

Tom Riddle


Criminal Minds:

Aaron Hotchner

Derek Morgan

Spencer Reid

Jennifer (J.J.) Jareau

Cat Adams



Emily Prentiss

David Rossi

Penelope Garcia

Pretty Little Liars:

Hanna Marin

Emily Fields

Spencer Hastings

Aria Montgomery

Mike Montgomery

Caleb Rivers

Ezra Fitz

Cece Drake

Jason DiLaurentis

Ella Montgomery

Meredith Sorenson

Jenna Marshall

Mona Vanderwaal

Maya St. Germain

Pam Fields

Wayne Fields

Melissa Hastings

Wren Kingston

Alison DiLaurentis


Dean Winchester

Sam Winchester

Castiel Novak

Meg Masters








Rachel Berry

Finn Hudson

Quinn Fabray

Brittany Pierce

Santana Lopez

Holly Holiday

Emma Pilsbury

Sam Evans

Blaine Anderson

Sebastian Smythe

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman


Kitty Wilde

Marley Rose


Hope Mikaelson

Josie Saltzman

Lizzie Saltzman

Penelope Park

Emma Tig

Dorian Williams




Rafael Waithe


Landon Kirby

My Otps:

Klaus and Caroline (Klaroline)

Hope and Roman (Rope)

MG and Lizzie (Mizzie)

Harry and Hermione (Harmiony)

Brandon and Callie (Brallie)

Aria and Ezra (Ezria)

Jeremy and Anna (Jeranna)

Emily and Alison (Emison)

Mike and Mona (Mina)

Bonnie and Damon (Bamon)

Matt and Rebekah (Mabekah)

Kol and Davina (Kolvina)

Derek and Reid (Sperek)

Emily and Hotchner (Hotchily)

Emma and Hook (Captain Swan)

Robin and Regina (Outlaw Queen)

Cami and Vincent (Camcent)

Tristan and Aurora (Tristora)

Stefan and Valerie (Stalerie)

Zelena and Hades (Zelades)

Spencer and Jason (Spason)

Other Couples I Ship:

Aria and Jason (I just do)

Emma and Regina (It's Perfect)

Mona and Hanna (Cause no one can tell me otherwise)

Noel and Mona (Why not?)

Jenna and Garrett (Because I can and they were hot together)

Garrett and Melissa (Melissa deserves someone good for her)

Emily and Samara (They implied they'd still be together when Emily went to college. Enough reason for me.)

Snow and Charming (Enough said)

Damon and Caroline (They were adorable)

Damon and Rebekah (No one will judge or tell me otherwise, they were really cute)

Damon and Rose (Perfection. Just perfection.)

Damon and Andie (Absolutely adorable to me)

Jenna and Alaric (They were happy together and so adorable)

Jenna and Elijah (The flirtation, the cuteness, shall I say anything more)

Sonny Munroe and Tawni Hart (I ship it so don't judge me)

Sonny Munroe and Chad Dylan Cooper (They were just adorable)

Caroline and Enzo (Would've been cute)

Caroline and Valerie (More chemistry together than Stefan and Caroline)

Katherine and Elijah (I find nothing wrong with this. I mean I don't hate the relationship, I think they're cute but I won't put them on the Otp list)

Josh and Aiden (I can't help it. It was the only gay couple on the show and they were perfect)

Tyler and Liv (They made it so damn hard not to ship. It's awesome)

Jeremy and Tyler (Yeah I ship it and no one shall judge me)

Hayley and Tristan (It would've been awesome and they would understand each other plus Jackson deserves better than Hayley)

Jackson and Freya (Sorry not sorry)

Freya and Lucien (You question Why? While I say Why the ef not?)

Klaus and Genevieve (They were adorable and I shipped it so hard)

Marcel and Sophie (Hot, Beautiful, Sassy Witch plus Sexy, Beautiful, Snarky Vampire = Match made in most likely hell)

Marcel and Gia (Just so much perfection, I can't even)

Nora and Mary Louise (First Lesbians = Immediate protection)

Qetsiyah and Stefan (They were cute and had more chemistry and made more sense than Stefan and Elena)

Klaus and Tyler (If they weren't sexual tension and bromance, I don't know what relationships are)

Meg and Castiel (I can't help it they were just so cute together, she called him Clarence, and I hate that the Winchesters never told Cas that Meg was dead)

Dean and Meg (This would be a very interesting dynamic definitely cute and sexy)

Dean and Castiel (If you don't ship it, whether platonic or romantic, you're doing something wrong)

Sam and Ruby (Were an awesome couple. I just love how Ruby's betrayal hurt Sam more than Jess's death)

Dean and Ruby1 (This the relationship between Dean and not 'fake' Ruby. They would be very interesting and sexy as well as Meg and Dean)

Sam and Jess (They were the first couple introduced and I would've loved to get background on how they met, where they met, and how they fell in love because they were a very cute relationship)

Klaus and Hayley (Unfortunately these two have made this list. I mean, I still stand by what I say in my Notp category but I grew to just love their little family. Also, they made this couple kind of hard not to ship. I both love and hate this couple)

Penelope and Josie (I ship it, that's all I have to say)

Hope and Josie (These two I love together, I have several stories in which they're endgame)

Penelope and Lizzie (This is a guilty pleasure both friendly and romantic wise but can you blame me? They'd be hot together)

Hope and Penelope (Just read Penelope and Lizzie's description, same opinion)

Penelope and MG (This relationship I love, in a more brotp kind of way but I still ship them romantically)

Hope and Lizzie (I just love unexpected romances and friendships that start of as enemies, which is probably why Klaus and Hayley are on this list)

Alaric, Dorian, and Emma (Why make it a love triangle when you can have a polyamory relationship, right?)

Penelope, Hope, and Josie (Again read the previous description, why choose when Polyamory exists?)

Characters I Really Don't Like:

The Vampire Diaries:

Elena Gilbert (She annoys the hell out of me. Honestly, I find her worse than Katherine Pierce herself)

Jo Laughlin/Parker (She is horribly boring and I believe her and Alaric's relationship was rushed. She is a pretty bad sister as well.)

Matt Donovan (I don't know what's wrong with him. He was awesome, he had potential, and you're wasting it. I find very him annoying nowadays.)

Enzo (Just like Matt, had potential, was awesome, now he has no point)

Jeremy Gilbert (I guess he was cool. I don't know, I never saw him as cool or necessary and he got on my nerves a lot)

Alaric Saltzman (He was an awesome teacher and a pretty decent guardian, he died and in my opinion he should've stayed dead because now he has no point)

John Gilbert (There's not even enough words to describe how much I dislike this character)

The Originals:

Cami O'Connell (I told myself I wasn't going to put her on the list but now I have rant about her a little bit. I like Cami, she is a very relatable character and I can admit I tolerate her more than Hayley but what the hell! Cami doesn't seem even a lick of charismatic, but somehow she's friends with everybody. I mean in given time, I bid you not, that Aurora, Lucien, and Tristan all would've became her friends if they were on the road to recovery of being villains. Like how the shit are you relating to almost every Mikaelson! You know what, I'm sure she would be everyone's friend if she were in Mystic Falls. I relate to Klaus cause I feel alone, I relate to Rebekah cause I like being human, I relate to Freya cause I'm a total bombshell, and I also relate to Elijah cause sassy. Also, if he gave me a chance, I could relate to Kol cause I'm an alcoholic. Like calm your TITS Cami, not everyone wants to be your friend! I just needed to get that off my chest, I'm good now.)

Elijah Mikaelson (I used to like him, he used to be awesome and now he is the most out of character person I know)

Freya Mikaelson (At first I was like, intrigued about you but not that cool. Then I was like, alright pretty cool pretty cool. Now I'm like, why would you do that to Davina? I hate you now)

Hayley Marshall (I just can't stand her. Like Elena, She annoys the hell out of me.)

Rebekah Mikaelson (What's her point on this show again? OH, Nothing. Ok that makes sense, thanks making her waste our time on this show, I'll just show her the door to get off set. She was so awesome on TVD)

Pretty Little Liars:

Toby Cavanaugh (He was cool in season one and he was descent in season two. It was from season three to now, he just got obnoxious)

Byron Montgomery (I just don't like him. I find him very annoying)

Ian Thomas (He started relationships with two minors, I think both of them at once and he just kept going back and forth between them all while he was dating one of the minor's sister. He tried to kill his wife's sister, one of the minors he dated previously, because what 'he loves her'? Nope I'm not buying that)

Anyone who hurts Emily (Aka: Ben, I guess Maya, Probably Samara, Sara Harvey...)

Couples I Can't Ship or Don't Like:

The Vampire Diaries:

Bonnie and Jeremy (Three words; Elena's younger brother. The whole best friend's brother thing would work if they were cute and worthy of each other. Honestly, they should've got rid of Jeremy's character when they decided to kill off Anna cause that's when he lost purpose to me and Bonnie deserves better like Luka or Damon or probably Kol (if I didn't ship Kolvina to the death), and you know what, I'm pretty sure Klaus would treat Bonnie better than Jeremy and Enzo combined!)

Stefan and Caroline (Two words; Best friends. They were adorable friends. Ok I kind of get the kiss, when you're friends and you're very close and eventually you kiss, I get it, but the relationship no way, I do not accept this. I think they should just have Caroline go to New Orleans and complain to Klaus, Stefan can go to Valerie and when Caroline comes back, her and Stefan can refind their friendship because they would be broken up.)

Caroline and Alaric (I understand she carried his kids but him falling in love with her? What? It makes no sense. I would be fine with it if it meant Stefan and Valerie together but he was her high school teacher and then her college professor and now her fiancee? I don't understand it makes no sense. It would make more sense if she were with Enzo so Bonnie and Damon can be together.)

Bonnie and Enzo (Why? Just why? I have only four words for this; Gross, Disturbing, and say it with me, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. I'm sure of it.)

Caroline and Tyler (I highly doubt they loved each other, all they did was have sex and when they weren't having sex, Tyler was out of town and Caroline was flirting with Klaus. I can see that she was leading Tyler on when she was with Matt until he kissed her and she was like 'you can't do that' and I'm like no you can't do that to Tyler it isn't fair to Tyler, Matt, or Klaus. Stop it.)

Elena and Damon (Only one word; Toxic. They always seemed to be cute when they weren't together but now they're messy and annoying. I mean Elena fell in love with Damon when she was with Stefan, who she claimed she would always love, she left Stefan for his older brother.)

Elena and Stefan (Too dependent on each other. I can admit they are cuter than Delena but they aren't a squeaky clean relationship. She left him for Damon and he was pretty neutral about it.)

Elena and Tyler (One word; Confusion. How are they friends? I don't remember these two being close friends I can't even recall an interaction until that phone call in the episode with the corn maze. I will forever be confused by this friendship as well as how and why people ship it.)

The Originals:

Klaus and Cami (I get the friendship, I liked the friendship. The relationship I don't get. She was his therapist and they trusted each other. I mean I like Cami, I find her relatable and I love Klaus and I'm glad they finally kissed but the relationship is just confusing.)

Marcel and Rebekah (One word; disgusting. Rebekah admitted to Sophie that she was there when Klaus adopted Marcel. She helped Klaus raise him and it's just wrong)

Hayley and Elijah (There are so many things to say about this and frankly none of them good)

Klaus and Hayley (It was a one night stand Hayley didn't regret until probably after she found out she was pregnant. I get it, they have their cute moments and they've grown on me a bit, but Hayley is a hypocrite, she uses Hope against Klaus whenever she can but hates and blames Klaus everytime he mentions that their daughter needs to be safe. Like Wtf? Hayley chill, he only uses Hope against you after you tried to take Hope away from him.)

Klaus and Rebekah (Klaus has one word when it comes to Rebekah; Stockholm Syndrome. She plots and tries to murder him, her own brother and I don't think she cares until it comes back and blows up in her face and he still lets her back in and keeps trusting her. He really needs to get that checked out.)

Pretty Little Liars:

Spencer and Toby (It doesn't make sense. It was cute in season one but it is one of the most obnoxious couples I know. It came out of nowhere. The only reason I don't like Spencer is because she found out Toby was -A, which broke her heart, she hired a private investigator, he made her believe he was dead, she had to go to Radley because of that stunt, and she continued dating him like his betrayal and her being utterly heartbroken never happened. What's up with that?)


Kurt and Blaine (Alright look, I love Klaine as much as the next person but I need to rant about this for a second. They met and Kurt was automatically and clearly in love with him during that first meeting and Kurt immediately thought he liked him back. Then when Kurt found out that Blaine was interested in someone else, he was jealous and felt betrayed by Blaine's actions and feelings for that someone else like he was the one to blame and they weren't in a relationship at the time. Then I was thinking about it more and Blaine kind of made Kurt a rebound, just from how I'm remembering it. I mean Blaine dragged the Warblers out to a store the guy HE likes works and then when Blaine gets turned down after he got the guy FIRED, he kisses Kurt. I don't know why it just feels rushed to me. Then they had a friendship and it was almost like a practical relationship. I mean Blaine went to his school and got him flowers and in the third season, Blaine leaves the Warblers to be with Kurt and I'm actually really confused on when they became a relationship because they kissed, Kurt left to go back to McKinley, Blaine brings him flowers and gives Kurt motivational messages about having courage when it comes to getting bullied, and then they're in a relationship? When the ef did that happen? Can someone please explain this to me because I'm confused on this. Oh and we can't forget the part where Blaine dated Karofsky, the one who constantly harassed and bullied Kurt, and Blaine constantly told Kurt to have courage while dealing with his bullier, which is Karofsky. Then Team Klaine re-enter a relationship like Blaine didn't date Karofsky and they have a double wedding with Brittana and live happily ever after? Seriously, someone, anyone please explain this to I'm just so confused on this relationship topic.)


Klaus and Aiden (Aiden was awesome and him and Klaus had a good friendship. I will forever hate that he is dead.)

Klaus and Elijah (A thousand years later... Elijah's still by his side. It's real.)

Vincent and Marcel (They were pretty fast friends and Vincent helped Marcel avenge Davina's death)

Upcoming Stories:

The Girl Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do (Currently Working on)

Please Tell Me That You're in Control

This is a Beautiful Life We Built Here

There's A World Where Your Dreams Came True (Currently Working on)

Maybe I Should Start From The End

Hope is Not the Goal (Currently Posting)

Some Dreams Aren't Meant to Come True

Our Second Chance (Currently Working on)

Here We Go Again

This is Real Life

Mind Games (Currently Working on)

Through Many Toils, Dangers, and Snares (Currently Working on)

Swapping Stories

The Devil's Literally in the Details

When Will I See You Again?

Nothing Lasts Always and Forever

Book Series:

Note: I have forgotten to do this sooner but I have one book series. I got inspired before writing the previous stories so the story, 'I'm Held by a Thread, Holding on to Nothing' is actually the third book in the series. The first two will be published before the sequel, or the fourth and final book. These are the four connected stories;

Book 1: Maybe I Should Start From the End

Book 2: Nothing Lasts Always and Forever

Book 3: I'm Held by a Thread, Holding on to Nothing (Complete)

Book 4: Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares (Formerly titled Why Did You Say This Was Easy?) (Currently Working on)

If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile

Feedback on Reviews:

Um, okay there is a review in Another Poor Unfortunate Soul that I never got around to responding to about why Elena was acting evil. The response to that is because it was the same as season four, the only difference being Klaus got the cure, not Katherine. This means that after Elena got her humanity back, she channeled all of her anger on the Mikaelsons, realizing that she wanted to get revenge on them, instead.

Another review from one of my more recent stories claims that I have stupid pairings. First of all, keep your opinions to yourself because I don't care about them nor do I want to hear them. Also, in my story Mombie Dearest, I was simply following the plot of Rafael being Lizzie's date and I gave them more of a friendly relationship, not romantic. In my story Let's Just Finish the Dance, Jed was not at all attracted to Lizzie, which I thought I made clear in the last chapter, all he wanted was to remove the enormously large ego that had her put herself before anyone else by ensuring that people voted for her, in order for Lizzie to realize that if she's going to see and treat people as objects, then they will see and treat her as one. It was a, what goes around, comes around kind of lesson. Um, another thing, I do Not ship Hope and Landon, I am strictly either Hope and Roman or Hope and Josie, but I will be experimenting with other couples, Handon included. I don't actually watch Legacies, I'm only writing for it, so I don't entirely have an opinion on Hope and Rafael as a pairing but I can admit that they do look cute together. I am very aware that Hope and Josie work well together, but in Mombie Dearest, when Hope yelled at the Saltzman twins, she was strictly yelling at Lizzie while Josie awkwardly stood there, which I thought I made obvious.

Head-canons that I use for all of my stories(because I've been meaning to do this):

1. Hope is very naive about sex, she's never had it and knows nothing about it,

2. When I write Legacies stories that involve Lizzie and Josie's Birthday, they are a year younger than Hope. I make them born in 2013, not 2014,

3. Everything about Roman's life,

4. A lot of the stories I post will have Hope and Roman be endgame, they're my Otp,

5. Landon usually being a douche, except in the stories where he ends up with Hope,

6. Hope and Penelope being in a former friendship is in most of my Legacies stories,

7. Penelope, Roman, and Hope being best friends,

8. Caroline's altered life that I give her is something I use a lot and it plays a very vital role in the last story of my book series,

9. Neither Tyler nor Liv being dead,

10. Hope having a devotion to her family, most notably her parents as in a lot of my stories, she plans to resurrect them,

11. Hope and Roman's friendship,

12. MG's friendships with Lizzie, Josie, Hope, and Penelope as well as how they began,

13. Hope and Kaleb being good friends,

14. Jade and Wendy making appearances in as many stories as I can fit them because I really like their characters,

15. Freya and Keelin not being in a relationship in most of my stories but they're a couple in some of them,

16. Klaus ending up with either Caroline or Hayley because Klayley has grown on me,

17. Roman and Antoinette's relationship,

18. Antoinette and Hayley becoming friends,

Keep a look out for various relationship drabbles, including friendship and family along with romantic ones. I can guarantee that a lot of the upcoming drabbles will be of couples I don't ship, mainly because I want to expand my horizon and also because I want to write random things that have to do with different couples despite how I see the relationship.

Note: If you have a problem with what I write, whether the couples or the plot, keep it to yourself. I write whatever I want. Also, I couldn't care less about your opinions, so if you don't like what I write, just don't review. It's that simple.

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