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I joined FFN during High School, and wrote some badly-done stuff that no longer exists (In retrospect, I greatly regret having deleted them). I've been sporadically active on and off since I joined, and would like to believe the years have improved my writing. I underwent a shift from humor to horror as my primary genre around 2010ish, when I began a long Resident Evil/Prototype crossover that was popular for its time and I later deleted (again, it was a decision I regret). I sometimes have difficulty keeping consistent with my writing, and I'm busier nowadays than I was back in the 2000s, but I still like to write when I can.

The name comes from Japanese giant monster films; it's a misspelling of King Ghidorah, one of Godzilla's more notable rubbery foes, but with "Dark" at the beginning because I was like 12 when I came up with it and I wanted to be serious and edgy. I've used the name in a few places, notably GameFAQs (which is where I first used it) and Spacebattles, one of my regular internet haunts as of now.

If you've read any fic by me, you know there are two constants to my work: delays and bad jokes.

Ongoing Fics:
Epidemiology: My attempt at writing the Prototype setting from the point of view of normal human characters. As such it's a horror show; self-contained oneshots that don't end well. Updates are incredibly slow, but I am working on more scenarios.

My Completed Fics:
Tactical Idiocy Action: Metal Gear Solid: A humorous retelling of the epic game. Honestly, nowadays thinking about it kinda makes me cringe; a lot of the humor is pretty bad pop-culture references, it had a multitude of typos, and I think I could've just done a better job all around. All that said, I'm glad that the readers liked it as much as they did, and that I managed to finish it after about three years of delays.
Left4Dead: Teamwork: A humorous take on the "No Mercy" campaign of Left 4 Dead. It's creation was spurred on by my 360 RRoD'ing about a week after I got the game, It's mainly based on observations on how most playthroughs involve a mix of skilled players and people who really should read the manual a bit more.
Not Defined By a Memory: A oneshot involving the elevator scene from Prototype. I originally wasn't planning on writing anything about it, because it's a fairly popular topic for fics, and a few other people have done a much better job writing it than I ever could. That said, I decided to write it, but try and go against the obvious ending that scene would imply. Nowhere near canon thanks to Prototype 2, but I kinda like it anyways.
Mittens: Dana Mercer could use a kitten. A few friends convinced me to write Alex getting her one. It was a fun, cracky idea that resonated with readers in a way that I could not have predicted.
Sibling Rivalry: First serious, multi-chapter work that I finished. I found Zoe Baker a far more interesting character in REVII than Ethan or Mia Winters, and Lucas's awfulness was quite entertaining to write.
Christmas With The Bakers: A weird little idea that popped into my head a week before Christmas, which I hurried to churn out in time for the holiday; an Christmas-themed REVII horror anthology. It was a silly idea, but I rather enjoyed it.

My More or Less Abandoned Fics:
Random Idiocy 3: Nemesis: RI3 has the same overall premise of TIA (Bastardize one of my favorite games), but it's based around Resident Evil 3. I wouldn't count on seeing any updates to this one; frankly, I think I did a much worse job writing this than any chapter from TIA. Probably, in my opinion, my worst fic that still exists.
The Hunger: Breaking my own rule about not writing serious fiction until I am able to write better, I started a Mortal Kombat fanfic taking place after MK Deception. I managed to write one chapter before falling prey to writer's block. At least I think that one chapter is vastly superior than my previous attempts at serious fiction.
Halo: Idiocy Evolved: It's another sarcastic novelization of a game I love. Something I noticed while doing the RE3 parody was that games with less talking are harder for me to turn into funny words. Since Halo is more about shooting than talking, I couldn't get past the introductory cutscene.
Tactical Idiocy Action 2: Sons of Liberty: A sequel to the original Tactical Idiocy Action. It's been over a year since I updated, and I haven't thought much about it since then. I don't know why, but I just can't focus on these novelizations like I used to. I apologize to all the readers who followed this fic.
RvB: The Flood: As a result of writer's block on the above mentioned fics, I decided to start an entirely new fic to get writer's block on! And get writer's block I did, leading me to declare it DOA.
Syndemic: My second attempt at writing a Prototype/Resident Evil crossover, the first of which I deleted from FFN. I dunno, I guess trying to retread the same ground dampened my enthusiasm for continuing it.

Fics Which May Show Up In The Future:
Well, I kick around ideas for fanfiction always (usually whatever game I'm playing at the moment); I generally type out very few of them. At the time of this writing, my attentions are mainly focused on Resident Evil and Prototype.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has read my fics and given reviews. I appreciate your support.


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