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My stories:

Love of a Prince- my first story. It was, a one time, my baby- now I've out-grown that one. I may go back and re-write it to make it more consistant.

Darkest Appeal- Recently rewritten. I think this one is done. I have chapter 4 half done and have had it that was for nearly a year and a half. f people want it, I'll type it out and post it, but then, that's definatly done for good- the first person POV is not really working for me. Strangely enough, it is my most popular story. Insert confused Smilie

Tulips- a cute little 2 shot. Probably will stay that way, but if it's wanted- I do have a vague idea where I could take it.

Through Another's Eyes- I love the idea, not how the story is turning out. I'm a much better writer in my mind, I find. This may change slightly from a fic about a race made up by me to a vampire fic. I've been thinking about it.

Tears of the Heart- This story, right now, is my baby. I based it extremely loosly on a novel by Beatrice Small- the Innocent. Lovely book. I'm probably the only person who will be able to make that connection though- like I said, very loosely based.

Monster- A lot like Darkest Apeeal for the first few chapters, and runs on the whole, dark harry vibe, but much better. For one thing, it makes sense!

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