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Hello folks, CalicoJack3218 - AKA Trevor Harrison - here. Lost access to my old account through plain ol' negligence and absent-mindedness. That account and its works can be found here:


So, no use crying over spilt milk - I've started up this new account to continue posting fan-fiction stories in the same vein as my old ones. Garrus from Mass Effect will return in the Citadel-based 'C-Sec Reports,' and I'll be venturing into Azeroth for some World of Warcraft fanfic! We'll also be returning to the Quarian Flotilla with Tali and the grumpy but good-hearted Hanna Shepard. Watch this space, as there's going to be a LOT of uploads soon!

If you're interested in science-fiction in general, I have reviews of everything sci-fi at my blog 'The Last Ship From Earth' and you can find me on Twitter at @Harrison3218

I do take requests, so if there's something you'd like to see, don't be afraid to drop me a line! I will gladly explore any universe.

Hope you enjoy my work!

Yours Piratically,

Calico Jack

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