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Nic Coay PM
Joined May '04

I live a Lana Parrilla Appreciation life.
I sail in the Swan Queen Navy.

Right now my world revolves around: Lana Parrilla, Regina Mills, Once Upon a Time, Lost Girl, Miami Medical, and Swingtown

Ships: Swan Queen, Regina/Daniel, Glass Queen, Morrilla, Team Lauren, Lucius/Narcissa, Patty/Ellen (Damages), Alyx/Gordon (Half-Life), OT4 (Nazi Zombies)

My favorite character of all time is Magneto from the X-Men Comics.

Pseudo-Favorite Characters: Count Dooku, Hal Jordan (Green Lanter), Huntress, the Ravager (Teen Titans), Q & McCoy (Star Trek), Helena Kyle (Birds of Prey), Jadis - the White Witch (Narnia), Agent Smith (Matrix) and Jareth (Labyrinth).

I Love: Nazi Zombies (from COD), Halo (fav. is the Monitor), Fallout 3, Bioshock (Sander Cohen FTW), Quantum Leap, Wicked, and anything post-apocalyptic

My role-model is Walt Disney.

And that's about it.

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