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Hey there! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out my story! As a college student I know firsthand just how valuable time is, so the fact that you used your to check out something I created deserves my thanks.

I think Pokémon is one of, if not the greatest video game franchise ever made, only I wish it had a deeper, more mature and in depth story, which is how I actually got into reading fanfiction.

I am also an anime fan, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Bleach are some of my favorites.

I am currently in my freshman year of college, so if I disappear and don't upload for a while it's because school is killing me.

Basketball is the greatest sport ever created, and Derrick Rose's future was stolen from him. #DRoseB4deseHoes

If you have any advice, criticism, complaints or angry rants about my work, leave a review and explain why in detail, not just "YOU SUK #KYS" because I cannot grow as a writer if the ones complaining about my writing cannot spell :)

Thanks again!

Also, come on by and join me and other (read: better) writers in our forum, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Writers United. We'd love to have ya!

Check me out on DeviantArt for info/lore/updates regarding the TPoR universe!

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