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Greetings, y'all.

I've been helping people with their English for a while. In practice, this means I've been editing their fiction, mostly Harry Potter fanfics. After a while a handful of cliches really got to me and I had to write a few parodies to clear my palate. (And plate and palette.) Then a short parody wouldn't stay a parody and turned itself into a romance. (That's the reason for many of the observed shortcomings in Ice Princess. It was never intended to be a serious story, with 3-D supporting cast and well-thought-out solutions to difficulties. Well, inadequacy as a writer might explain it, too.)

I don't even like the Harry Potter universe, but there are some very good fanfics based on it; see my 'favorites' sections.

I also have an account over at Fiction Press: https://www.fictionpress.com/~luanmao , where I'll be posting original fiction. As of mid-April 2010 there's nothing there, but that'll change when I give up on selling any particular story, or if I write anything I won't try to sell.

Update 2010/12/18: I finally put an original work up on FictionPress. It's short but not entirely without merit.

Update 2012/02/25: I've been posting a lot more than I had been. Some of this comes from changes to my paying work routine. Mostly it's from getting voice dictation software. (Dragon NaturallySpeaking, though there are others and I'm not endorsing any in particular.) Holy smokes, what a boost in productivity! I'm sure some is "new toy" syndrome, but it's just so easy to sit down and tell a short story.

Update 2013/09/12: I've started to self-publish some of my work. There's not much for sale as of today, but the list will grow. See my Amazon (http :// www . amazon . com / s / ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?field-author=Steve) and Smashwords (https :// www . smashwords . com / profile / view / stevenfurlong) profile pages.

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