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I am Demoneagle87, and currently, I'm planning on writing DBZ, Frozen, Persona 5, Darling In The FRANXX, NieR: Automata, R6: Siege, Smite, and Skullgirls fics. It has been a long time since I have uploaded or even written anything, but I plan to try again, maybe less of for others on here and more for myself at this point. Summer is here, I have time. I want to try again. I thank anyone who will take the time to read anything I write from here on out, and I thank all of you who read my first story and even the other stories I ended up discontinuing and deleting. If anyone is maybe looking for collaboration work, discussion, or maybe just a friend, feel free to PM me. I'm a nice person, and I enjoy talking. I'll see you guys around.

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When Flames Take Hold

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