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Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if people who subscribe to the Alerts or have favourite-d my story can see this Profile change, but I hope you can; I would hate to put this up as a chapter on the story, and find new viewers to a story that will never be completed. Stories, actually. My two stories below are not going to be completed -ever-, and I'd just like to let everyone (my readers and reviewers) know.

A lot has changed since I've started writing on fanfiction, and I'd admit I've had wonderful times both writing and reading others' writings. And as things have changed, I've also changed, and no longer find myself attracted to finishing the stories I've started. I had great plans (and even the endings in the my head already), but with time and the lack of will, I no longer can write them down, and I have to formally abandon them. I'm truly sorry because I know there are plenty of people following my stories, and although I've been encouraged by that, it's no longer my plan to continue writing. I do hope that (even unfinished), you did enjoy my stories, and that you will continue on to both read and write stories that will be enjoyed my many others on this site(:

Just a quick update on my life: I've had a wonderful time in Singapore pre-university, completed all my national exams, and am now currently in my first year reading law in Oxford. Amazingly enough, plenty of scenes from various Harry Potter films were filmed in my very college and city, and it's a great pleasure to have a little bit of Harry Potter around me that I never imagined back when I was writing these stories(: All in all, it's been a wonderful couple of years since I last wrote a chapter on my story, and I do hope you have similarly had wonderful times, and will continue to do so.

All the best,

coveted-one (26th November, 2010)

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