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Pen Name: Drake Wilson
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Hey there, Not much to really say other than I hope any stories I upload are enjoyable for you all to read. I'm a big fan of anime and manga. At the moment I am reading Naruto and also occasionally One Piece and Bleach, although not as much as Naruto. I've read plenty of manga, far too many to list but the general genres are Comedy, Harem, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Sci Fi, Fantasy and probably more but these are the first few that come to mind.

I also like Role Playing and stuff so there that.

Current Stories

Naruto: The Cursed Child (Crossover Naruto/Highschool DxD)

[Saving Asia Argento Arc] - In Progress

To Love 'Ruto(Crossover Naruto/To Love Ru)

Big shout out to Kuroppy for drawing some of the OCs in TLR. (In case links not working, just remove spaces from the below addressses)

Megal and Adon Sketch by Kuroppy (htt ps ://poppy04123 .deviantart .com/ art/ Megal-and-Adon-695501142)
Raphael Sketch by Kuroppy (ht tps ://poppy04123. deviantart. com / art/ Raphael-Rough-sketch-colored-698809216)

[Intro Arc] - Complete

Assassin's and Sisters
Harem's Birth

[Forming the Harem Arc] - Complete

The School Trip - Complete
So Close (Yui's Story Line) - Complete
Wedding Crashers (Risa's Story) - Complete
Tragedy Time (Kushina's Story) - Complete
Bat Country (Momo's Story) - Complete
How to Save a Life (Mikado's Story) - Complete

[Orochimaru Arc]

Hate it when you see me cry (Rin's Story Line) - Completed
A Mile in her shoes - Complete
The Road to Hell (Rito's mini-story line) - Complete
Waking the Demon (Nana's Story Line) - Complete
Picking up the Pieces (Arc's End) - Complete

[Calm Before the Storm Arc]

The Toughest Choice (Saki's Story Line) - Complete
The Sins of the Past (Selphie's Story) - Complete
When I Grow Up (Mikan's Story)
The Man, the Girl and the Dog (Rito's Story)
The Gates of Hell are Opened (Arc's End)

[Misery Arc]

A Test of Worth (Earth's Rude Awakening)
The True One King (The Suitor's Challenge)
The Mark of a Hero (Naruto's strength, Rito's Fury, Fu's Home)
The Cost of Defiance (A bitter Homecoming)The Battle for Earth,
Humanity's Defiance (Saki's Counterattack, The Crest Wielder's Fight)
The Wedding (Lala's sorrow, The Suitor's Duty)
Bonds Beyond Compare (The Battle of the Suitors)
The Galaxy's Last Stand (The Battle of the Sol System)
The Legend Reforged (Beyond the Limits of the Flesh)


To Love 'Ruto Forever (Story's End)

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