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Update: May 2020

Well, we've had some brain progress, though there's still testing going on that's been delayed by Covid. I'm (sooo slowly) recovering and I've been able to sort out my notes. There's a new chapter out on Archive already. As soon as I can sort through 's awful formatting, I'll get it posted here. Thanks for the PMs from some of you with notes of encouragement. It's been a really long & tough road in 2020, and that's not even throwing Covid in the mix, so thank you. It means the world!

Stay tuned - writing is coming, and I hope y'all are staying healthy!

I have pulled the entire fic/chapters down. 's formatting is just insane. I'll get it up again in the near future and try to fight through their chapter/format issues when I make time.


December 2019

Greetings all.

Thank you so much for the many reviews to my story (despite the screwed up formatting!). Alas, I have ceased writing as of the summer. I've been extremely ill and had to quit work. Unfortunately, this illness affects my memory and comprehension in an extreme way.

I'm no longer capable of understanding my own story well enough to figure out the plot - I've actually forgotten much of it. I do have my notes, as the storyline and rough chapters were done for the entire fic, but in the last post and the chapter I stalled on (Saving Clint) has a plot point in it that I can't figure out.

I know it sounds weird, but there you have it. What I'll likely do in 2020 is pull the entire fic down and do it in a more simple manner, as the memory problems are permanent and even writing this quick update has taken quite some time to get right so it's legible.

I hope I can update this eventually, and perhaps once the doctors are done trying to save my brain, there'll be enough left to do so.

Happy New Year :)

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