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I found the world of fan fiction several years ago on this sites Castle board. An author by the name of Gatekeeper hooked me with the story "Character Development" making me a regular reader and even as they have moved on from the site I wanted to express my gratitude for the introduction.

As time went on I expanded to other boards on this site. First was Bones, then JAG and then the West Wing. Forever was the first time I followed a fandom from the start of the series until its untimely end. Then after the fun of Endgame I added both Avengers and Captain America to the fandoms I read very quickly followed by the Spider-Man "Home" trilogy. Streamers seem to be my next great gateway to reconnecting with old fandoms and new boards. First Peacock provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with a fandom I loved, Eureka and then MAX reintroduced me to Chuck and I've been exploring those fan fictions. My now many years of reading fanfiction has taught me one thing, I am a hopeless shipper. With the exception of Forever I have a ship or 2 that drive my fandom and stories featuring these relationships are likely to be my favorites. If for some unknown reason you ae asking "JAG'ed what is/are those ship(S)?"

My Shipps:

Castle- Castle/Beckett

Bones- Bones/Booth & Angela/Hodgins

JAG- Harm/Mac & Bud/Harriet

West Wing- Josh/Donna Sam/Ansley & Zoe/Charlie

Captain America- Peggy/Cap

Avengers / Spider-Man- Tony/Pepper Spidey/MJ or Spidey/Shiri and I'm not sure its a ship per say but I'm liking the surrogate parent thing for Spidey with Nat and to a lesser extent Tony.

Eureka- Jack/Allison, Henry/Kim & Hennery/Grace.

Chuck- Sarah/Chuck & Ellie/Awesome

That said I'm always on the lookout for new boards to read and new authors to enjoy. Speaking of authors I hope you all take time to review and communicate with your favorite authors, after all these talented people make our community possible. If you have stuck with me this log let me introduce you to my favorite authors:

FaithinBones- This author is an unbelievably prolific writer in the area of Bones. How this author keeps so many creative and diverse stories going at the same time is beyond me but I am blessed that she has been kind enough to write some of my prompts. If you love Bones and are a B&B shipper, like me, you need to be reading this author.

1 Jagged Outlaw Queen- Formerly known as 1 Ninja Girl she has a wonderful ongoing story series about Harm/Mac and a wonderful little girl named Laura. I love this set of stories and really encourage you to give her a read she is exceptionally talented. This story is so good I consider it a truly singular treat each and every time she updates. If you are a fan of Once Upon a Time I understand she has been writing for that fandom as well. Hence the name change

McGladiator- This author wrote Castle stories and had a wonderful talent for writing young Alexis stories. They did a wonderful job capturing relationships between their characters. They seem to be removing their excellent work but I continue to list them out of gratitude for the entertainment they provided me.

JeffersonianGirl2004-My 4th author is another Bones writer. She really focuses on the later seasons and explores the B and B relationship in that couple's dynamic. I also think she does a good job with Parker, which I love. This author also writes for the Castle board, she has done a great job on both shows.

bingblot-This author has written several stories on both Castle and Bones. They are exceptional at the post episode fic that either fills in a between the scenes or gives a character's perspective on the scene or episode. This author hooked me with their take on the Caskett wedding and honeymoon. They were nice enough to take a few ideas I've had and write wonderful fictions. I encourage you to check them out for a fun read.

Hannah Lynn McDonald- This exceptional writer is a first for me. She is the first Forever author that I have Favorited. She has written poetry for several shows and I find her Poems for Forever very entertaining. She also has some great multi chapter story telling. She has an astounding gift for the emotional core of these stories. Hannah has also branched out to the Castle fanfiction community continuing her outstanding work. For the time being she has stopped posting. I for one eagerly await her triumphant return to these pages.

CheerfulChemist- Is another Castle author. This author writes a wide variety of Castle stories but whatever story they are trying to tell it is done with a dedication and a quality, that is to be admired. If you give this amazing author your attention you will have an enjoyable read and be very entertained.

Chillmaster3000- My 8th author is focused on the West Wing. This author has a multi story AU series focusing on a 6 year old girl named Cerulean and the impact she has on the gang of the West Wing. All of these stories are on my favorite story list including the most recent on going story. This series is at times sweet or funny, it is at times tension filled and at times serious but whatever the case it is an enjoyable ride that I encourage West Wing fans to give a read.

Where's Beckett- Previously known as "Guarding my Castle" the name change came after the stupid decision to fire Stana obviously from Castle fandom. This Texan has added several stories to my ever growing list of favorites. This dedicated author takes the main cast and there canon putting their own twist on the story moving forward from whatever point they began their latest effort. I find this author's style to be a constant surprise. I just can't wait to see what they're going to do next. Each fiction I read fills me with an anticipation similar to the anticipation I feel between each installment of a castle 2 parter. I encourage any Castle fan to give this very talented Texan a read and enjoy the ride as I frankly find their recent work much better then season 8.

STANathanXOox- As this author's name suggest she has written Castle Fiction but what brought this talented young lady to my attention was her work over on the Forever board. She has several stories going on over there all of which are of a quality that is truly sunning. As we mourn the loss of this amazing show she provides a balm to sooth the pain as she brings these wonderful characters to life in her great tails. If you, like she and I, believe Forever was far too short give her a read.

Sugarrush71- This talented Aussie is the 11 author I have favorited and is another amazing Castle writer. He first came to my attention with his wonderful story "Reactions and Ruminations" an amazingly fun story about the reaction to Rick's banishment from the 12th. Since then he has demonstrated a remarkable gift for quality writing in "The Exes" and "Seven Pointed Star". I hope if you are not already reading this amazing author you might take some time to catch up on his fun and engaging work.

Perspex13- Another outstanding Castle author he has only published a few stories but 2 of them are a truly wonderful series and those 2 are both in my favorite story list. First in this epicly enjoyable series is "Just along for the ride" followed by "Breaking away". If you want to peal the Castle onion this author does so in a sometimes angsty but always entertaining way with good action to boot. This is an author we should all be reading and I can't wait for what's next from this talented author.

Deviledog3479- This great author writes for both Blue Bloods and Castle. As you might expect it was this author's work on the Castle boards that drew my interest. This author has only been around since July but they have already published a wonderful AU that spans 4 amazing stories "A Castle will Fall", "A Castle will Rise", "Castle: Blurred lines and New Beginnings" and the current installment "Castle: To get ahead in Life". If you are a Casckett Shipper join me in this wonderful AU.

WRTD- This is yet another talented Castle author. They currently have an amazingly sweet series about the Casckett children that first brought them to my attention. The series began with "A womb with a View". Provided an amazing perspective and origen story on Pearlmutter in "Lost and Found" then continued their great work in "Hi I'm Elliot" and is currently expanding the wonderful AU If you are a fan of Casckett family tails it's time to look who's talking and read these fun and entertaining family stories by a very good author.

thekingdaddy- My 15th Author comes once more from the world of Castle fanfiction and is an author I've been reading for some time. I have enjoyed each of his fics as they have evolved. He like myself enjoys stories wherein there is more to Castle than meets the eye and he is exceptionally good at delivering those stories. If you want a story to surprise you and entertain you in an AU you need to be reading this talented story teller's great work.

etraytin- is my 16th author in the run up to the election this very talented author has been posting a number of wonderful West Wing stories that I have truly and completely enjoyed. There subjects vary but they are always interesting. I have come to anticipate their next post and find myself overjoyed to discover a new chapter or story. if you like the West Wing I believe you will love this author's work as much as I do.

gawilliams- My 17th author is an outstanding writer in several of my fandoms. They write for several shows but the work I am interested in are West Wing, Castle, and Bones. This last show features my favorite series story from him that being the "Father Mitch" Series. I became familiar with this author's work before I created my account but he has recently began posting again and I've been taking the opportunity to revisit the outstanding work he has done. if you like the fandoms he writes in you need to check him out I don't think you'll be disappointed I know he is one of my favorites.

Quaggy- Author # 18 is another author that was posting before I joined this site. When they recently updated a West Wing drabble collection I took the opportunity to revisit their writing. This author has written for several fandoms but chief among them for my purposes is of course West Wing. This author is an amazingly talented author. If you love the West Wing please check out their great work.

TheWayofLife-447- This author, my 19th, is another outstanding Bones writer. This Texan has a wonderful series titled "The Wonderful Partnership" that explores the series from the perspective of what if B B where married from the start. That great work is what has landed them on my list and all 3 pts are listed in my favorite stories. If you love Bones like I love Bones I encourage you to look back with this great author as we enter the last season.

MoreBonesPlz- This author, my 20th, as the name suggest is a Bones author. This incredibly talented writer has an amazing sense of humor that flows through their writing. I am very entertained by a lot of their great work and often find it bringing a smile to my face on some of my most difficult days. That as much as any one peace is why I have chosen to favorite this talented person. often the sas and energy of their writing brings a smile to my face when I least expect it and for that I am most greatful. I encourage anyone that values my opinion on Bones fiction to give them a read.

Late2bbparty- As the name would suggest this author, my 21st, is another talented Bones author. They may not have been watching from the beginning or writing as long as many other authors on my list but their novelty should not distract from their greatness. I encourage any fan of the series, looking to revel in these caracteres greatness to enjoy their writing as I have. Even though the show has ended it will continue to find new audiences in syndication and streaming and we as a fan community should revel in that. This author and their writing are the perfect example of how we can continue to grow and I for one am thankful for their work.

Pen to Paper Writer- Has been posting here for a couple of years now in the fandoms of Blue Bloods and Castle. Their outstanding and diverse work over on the Castle board is what drew my attention to them. I have been eagerly waiting to add this talented author to my favorites list until I had 3 great stories in my favorite's list to recommend. The diversity of themes provided by this author is sure to provide some outstanding entertainment if you are a fan of either show. I implore you for your own entertainment and enjoyment to give them a read and get lost in some great work.

Lacey99- My 23rd author is a very talented JAG author Their great work first came to my attention through their ongoing story Finally an us after which I began reading their amazing ongoing story series Family Time about post toss life. The Most recent in the series is Rose. If you love post series stories like I do give em a read I think you'll be entertained.

554Laura- This author, my 24th, is another great Bones author this talented teacher writes a wide variety of stories on a variety of subject though I may not always be interested in the story they are telling but every time I am I find myself very entertained. For that reason this Favorite is way overdue. If you are looking for a great Bones story then this author deserves a read.

kcat1971- My 25th author, is an outstanding West Wing author. This author currently has an amazing "what if" story centering on Josh and Donna's trip in the final season that series begins with "The Flight" and if you are a Josh and Donna Shiper like me you have got to be reading this series. All of those stories are in my favorite story list if you want to find them. All West Wing fans should give this very talented writer a read I believe you will have a lot of fun. I know i did.

Starbuckmeggie- My 26th author is another writer in the West Wing fandome at least that is what drew me to them. This talented author has written stories for many fandoms and I encourage you to check out their work in any of them that interest you but I especially love how they captcher Josh and Donna. If your reading my profile I'd guess you are pretty board if you are a West Wing fan get out of here and check them out. Get started with one of the stories in my favorites list by Starbuckmeggie.

Perscribo- My 27th autor is an outstanding author in the fandom of Bones. They focus on Booth and Brennan and their relationship. Their stories are very well written and very entertaining. If you are a fan of this show or this ship then this author is a must read. If you want to give them a read I have several of my favorite stories listed below and urge you to give them a try.

JDPostEpisodeChallenge- my 28th author is not so much an author as the concentrated effort of many talented authors to celebrate one of my favorite tv ships, from the West Wing, Josh and Donna. If you are a fan of this ship you must be reading these amazing stories and if you are not then you are missing out.

mlea7675- the 29th author in my favorites is an outstanding West Wing author they have written several very good stories 5 of their wonderful stories in my favorite stories section. If your a West Wing fan you need to be reading this great author.

Spitzthecat- I found this author, my 30th, on another archive during the time of pandemic lockdown and finding I loved several stories of theirs I decided to see if I could find them here. To my surprise I had already favorited one of their stories so I set about rereading there work and found i still greatly enjoyed it even if some of the Josh Monologue seem to be missing. This author does not seem to have posted anything since 2006 so it may be a dead account but if you are a Josh and Donna shipper you must be reading this amazing work. Even if some of them are hard on my shipper heart most are funny and very entertaining.

messersmontana- My 31st Author becomes the first Eureka author I have added and though they have written and posted on other boards I enjoy like Castle and JAG their outstanding Eureka work is what brought them to my attention. They write great Jack and Alison stuff witch as a shipper is why I love their work. Like Spitzthecat they have not posted in some time, (Oct of 11) as far as I can tell, so they may be an abandoned account but there work deserves to be read so check them out. You may need to navigate to them via my favorite authors tab as their work is older and may not be available on my favorite storys tab because the site only displays the most recent 500 and I in my many years and fandoms have found over 900 amazing stories but if you love Eurieka and Jack and Ali like I do they are well worth the effort and the read.

ChelzToddBrooke- This authors has written for several of my fandoms Bones, Castle, and JAG to be specific, my 32nd author, is a fellow shipper who is outstanding at writing ships. I first fell in love with their writing on the Castle story "Learning Genevieve". They write for a lot of fandoms above and beyond my 3 listed so if you are lucky enough to have this talented individual write for one of your ships you should give them a read.

Angeeeelatin- My 33rd author came to my attention via the Avengers board and the wonderful Peter Parker Stories posted there. If you are a fan of the Marvel Spiderman series of movies and especially the “Irondad” troupe you need to be reading this exceptional author. These stories are great celebrations of that family and fandom. So if that appeals to you give them a read, review, follow or favorite as your fandom guides you.

Preppy Princess 5103-My 34th author Is an excellent JAG writer lots of Harm/Mac both in series and one shots. This talented author also has a Bones story that is very good and I hope they explore that fandome more. If you love Mac and Harm like I do you should be reading this fun author.

SteeleJay- My 35th author is also my 1st in the Chuck fandom. As my gateway to the wonderful writers on this board he would deserve this spot but when you add to that great stories like "Sarah Vs. Asking Chuck Out" and "Sarah Vs. Fulcrum" plus many more as well as his support for another author on my list he is without a doubt one of my favorite fanfiction writers. Even though he has not posted since November of 22 I will never stop rooting for hid return.

WillieGarvin- My 2nd Chuck author and 36th overall has dedicated years of their exceptional output to one amazing story, that being "Chuck Vs. A new Day" If you are a fan of Charah, competent Chuck or wonderful lore this is a story you need to be reading. At more then 230 chapters and still growing every Saturday is a chance for joy, when a new chapter post. It amazes me that after these many years the author has managed to stay fresh and engaged while avoiding becoming repetitive in any way.

nevr- The 3rd of my 37 favorite authors to emerge from my initial exploration of the Chuck writers on this site this exceptional talent helped me learn 2 things about my Chuck fandom, 1) I love stories that get Charah together from the start. See their wonderful stories "Linked" and "Piranha Vs. The Intersect" and 2) Carina can be used as a character in so many fun ways. To see what he dose with her check out "Careening" and "Carina, Again". This is another active writer with so much fun stuff to read so check them out!

Dukefan1982- My 38th author, frankly is long over due to be added. I've been a fan for a long time but some how kept forgetting to add them. They have many great stories in the Bones Fandom for you to enjoy (11 of them are in my favorite stories including their current piece "Bonesology Holiday Challenge 2023-2024" ). They especially do a wonderful job with the challenges issued to the fandom's authors. If your looking for a good read around a theme involving Bones you need to be reading Dukefan1982 Now!

When I started following fanfiction I never thought I'd get to the point where I'd have 38 authors and over 1200 stories favorited, less then half of which you can see below, but here we are. In closing let me take a moment to thank the authors on the boards I frequent for sharing their many gifts. Through your efforts I have been entertained, inspired, distracted, encouraged, and just generally moved. Whatever your reason for sharing your talent thank you for your work. Weather you are a favorite I read often or someone who's work I've only seen a few times your work and willingness to share it is something I am supremely greatful for.

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