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My opinion on fanfiction:The truth is I only prefer a strong main character because it is easy to make a character with a unique power or something interesting. I appluad any author who knows the value of a good character and developement. Part of that is showing the character's flaws but what a lot of authors on this site don't seem to realise is that you have to give the reader a reason to CARE about the character BEFORE developement otherwise why would anyone care if the character developes or not. It seems like people forget that you have to get the reader invested first and doing that is easier if you have something unique about that character that grabs the readers attention. If you introduce a character and then immediately have them fail then why should the reader care even if it IS a familiar character. I get that this is fanfiction but you can't expect that to immediately get the reader invested in your story you have to reestablish that connection.

I like naruto fanfiction and crossovers but alot of them are not very accurate when it comes to naruto lore and powerscaling

Peeves in naruto fanfiction:

When an author doesn't know the difference between natural energy and nature chakra. THEY ARE DIFFERENT fukusaku explains it and naruto re explains it in the simplest terms. He says it is like an Ice cream cone with two flavors and adding a third which is natural energy.

Then there is the fact that natural energy doesn't actually have much to do with nature. It can be seen coming off of rocks and Naruto is able to go in to sage mode in a wasteland and even in space. That means his location doesn't really mean anything.

One of the things I don't like is that in a crossover it is so often assumed that everything about the naruto world is weaker than the world he goes in to. This annoys me because it usually involves him losing chakra to make way for "better" powers. But I feel like there is a lot creatively that can be done with chakra and even if some people don't feel that it is comparable to other powers the author can do what they want and MAKE IT comparable. One of the releases in naruto is called dust release which can also be called PARTICLE RELEASE there are so many possibilities with that alone but all of it is usually thrown out the window.

This one isn't really isolated to naruto fanfiction but fanfiction in general. Ageing up characters to suit your own morality, beliefs or sense of realism. I believe ageing up characters can be done well if done right as well as with a lot of things. Most authors I have seen tend to treat them as if they are their previous ages making aging them up a complete waste of time.

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