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I post stories concerning ships (even ones that may not have set sail or are stranded in the middle of the ocean) and do so because the couples I ship don't have many fanfics of their own. And the fact saddens me. Thus, this account was born. My ships?

Romanogers (StevexNatasha), Kavery (KarlxAvery), Joshifer (JoshxJen), Chlatticus (ChloexAtticus), Gaya (GabexMaya), Gelia (GarretxDelia), Logandra (LoganxAlexandria), Auslly (AustinxAlly), Miggy (MaddiexDiggy), etc.

Hope you get the idea. Now, if there are any ships that you had hoped would've set sail, or are still hoping set sail, PM me and I'll see what I can do. If we share the same interest in ships, that might help too. But, it doesn't really matter. As long it's a ship that has you frustrated over how many people don't ship them, or how few actually do. Especially if they're a ship that aren't even known or heard of (like mine, Chlatticus and Gaya. If you wish to know the story behind those two, PM me and I'll be more than happy to answer any question you might have.) :)

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