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WOW, it's been 10 years since I first started posting and 8 years since my last. As you can see, I'm not dead though I thought my writing was dead after a long time. I've rediscovered my writing muse and I'm going to try and get back in the game. I apologize to those of you that were waiting forEVER for an update but I think I've finally situated myself in my life where I can write again. I won't be able to update regularly unfortunately but I will try my best to make sure to keep stories going. The Celestial Sword of Cirrus may be on hiatus for the foreseeable future unless another muse gives me inspiration again. My main priorities will be A Demon's Destiny and PROJECT Amshas and if I have time, my last priority is Reunion continuations since it was originally a one-shot (edited). If my voice has changed over the years, I apologize for any differences in my writing

Thanks for reading after...a decade.


I plan on posting:

Project Amshas: Chapters: Five, Six & Seven
Demon's Destiny: Chapters Four, Five, Six
Eyes Meet Eyes: Chapters Two & Three
Reunion: Story A Chapter Story B Chapter One

This particular fic is a One Shot but I will have a second and third short series out that will follow directly after this fic. I'll actually be trying a new style or approach as to how I'm gonna tell Kanna's story after she left the Northern Water Tribe Nation all those 60 years ago. I guilty of being a ZuTara fan, but I'll leave it to others to tell their tale for now because Kanna's tale's calling much louder. I will likely have a comic for that short One shot fic too but I'll post it on DeviantArt.

If you guys are also interested, I've got a site on DeviantArt:

I'll likely be posting some pictures and updates on that site first before filtering it down here and :

A Demon’s Destiny:

The original storyline was conceived by Sining I’ve got permission, of course and though I’ve kept a lot of the original course of actions going on in the plot, I altered things to add a bit of my own…style, I guess, into it. It’s a Crossover with Ranma and Inuyasha and an Alternative Universe.

Inuyasha received a mortal blow and killing Naraku along with him. Kagome at loss for what to do now that she doesn’t have Inuyasha and have collected and completed the Shikon no Tama, she leaves it in Kaede’s care and hid herself in her own world never to look back.

Ranma after a rough night and strange dreams, awakes with new physical attributes and strength and though he thinks it is a fluke or gift of the gods. He finds that slowly his own attributes are slowly turning into that of someone else. Now he must find the cure or face being erased completely.

Kagome finds someone that has Inuyasha’s physical attributes as well as rude manners after a month of solitude and isolation. Now she is torn apart as this person is spoken for…by many girls but finds her heart go out to him as she herself is a product of reincarnation. Now they must find out what happened to the Shikon no Tama and find cure to help both individuals as well as deal with people from both the past and present

Eyes Meet Eyes:

This is a sort of continuation of Ember’s Tribe and what happen to her band of elves during a long period of prosperity. Sadly, it didn’t last long as a new enemy working with Winnowill are trying to implement their plans for revenge on the elves. Now Ember must find allies not only unknown elves and past comrades, but also seek the aid of Humans.

Ember must also face Recognition as well as form alliances, breaking up her tribe as well as choosing to face the new enemy and possible lose someone close of kin.

Celestial Sword of Cirrus:

This story is based on the SNES game Secret of Mana as well as little snippets of other games such as Breath of Fire (I & II) but the first few chapters will almost be verbatim from SoM. I actually planned on making it only SoM but felt that I need to spice things up a bit. I don’t plan on straying too much from the storyline except for some back stories on some of the characters which is where BoF comes in but I’ll be adding things that I felt should be elaborated on. I actually changed a lot of names and embellished on certain events but if it bothers you that I’ve changed a whole chunk of the story as well as messed with the original names… DON’T READ THIS. This story is definitely not cannon even though it seems to be from the beginning but be prepared for a wild ride because it won’t stay the same probably by the 10th or 15th chapter.

Reassignment: PROJECT Amshas:

Based on a possible outcome of what would happen in book 7 (okay, so it’s my own speculation) but with a twist to it. After taking on the challenge to write a story about Draco and Percy involving Polyjuice or something that will allow them to trade places.

Draco is hiding out after the debacle of his initiation and was estranged from his parents for shaming his family. Now, living almost like a parasite over the summer, he’s been living his life as other thanks to a handy potion that he learned from his mentor.

Percy was promoted and was assigned to find out more D.E. activity for the ministry as well as find out why as certain ghost is terrorizing people of Diagon Alley.

After finding each other, Percy proposes a switch of some sorts and offers to take his life if he takes his since they were both in situations they don’t quite want to be in and the benefits that they can both reap from such a move. Now all they have to worry about is not being ‘made’.


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