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Purgatory; Percy Jackson Fanfiction.

List of symbols (and riptide)- Each is hidden as a different tattoo on part of Percy's body.

-Anaklusmos/Riptide- Pen-sword. Celestial bronze mid length xiphos

1-Nothos/Bastard - -sword. Blooded Obsidian Bastard (hand and a half) great-sword. Right arm Hourglass symbol tattoo

2-Diagrapsei/Erase - Morning star/Flail Celestial bronze head & handle, Orthratic silver spikes and chain, Left arm Dragon head symbol tattoo

3-Vathos/Depth - -Katana. Orthratic silver. Black grip. Percy's weapon R Wave symbol

4-Kyklonas/Cylone- (Enchanted) Ice sword (Chinese dao): shapeshifts (turn into water) Right arm Twister symbol tattoo

5-Thamvos/Dazzle - Orthratic Silver Hunting knife, hollow pommel, can separate into pair Left arm Flame symbol tattoo

6-Máv̱ri̱ Trýpa/Black Hole - Gauntlet blooded obsidian-platinum (Platinum=stars) Right arm 5 point star symbol tattoo

7- Agon/Struggle - Battleaxe Imperial gold has a spike above axe. Spike can shoot out and stab through before opening into grappling hook. Left Arm Spike symbol tattoo

8-Enosei/Unite - Shield emerald-blooded obsidian, Upper Back Alpha symbol tattoo

9-Epíthesi̱/Onslaught -Black recurve bow, tipped with silver, along with matching quiver that doesn't run out. Left arm tattoo Eye symbol.

10-Krikou/Shackle -Blooded Obsidian Chain. Hidden as broken link on right arm tattoo.

11-Domi/Structure- Armour of Blooded obsidian, not covering arms or head, with an image of a full moon made of Orthratic silver on chest. Cresent moon tattoo on chest(left pectoral).

12-Panikos/Panic- Helmet of Blooded obsidian in the shape of a grinning skull. Grinning skull on his chest tattoo.

13-Chamos/Loss- Staff/Scythe. Blooded obsidian haft, platinum blade (scythe) Black Circle in the crook of left elbow.

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