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Hey guys welcome back to my page I just got back on to this thing after...2 years I think it was? Anywho I am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry for being gone! So many things were going on and I ended up going to the hospital after i got really depressed and yea... So, so sorry for being gone but now I'm back and am ready to go!!!! I matured a lot after these 2 years and I looked over my old story's litteral five palming at how stupid they sounded XD Anywho I'm back and am hopefully staying thanks to the amazing support I got from the people who reviewed my old story's and the people who privately messaged me inspiring and encouraging messages. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

I might keep up with my old stories but I might start something different let me know what you want me to write about next in my private messages have a lovely day ~~ and may the force be with you XD ~~

my background info XD :

Lives: Sacramento, California

Likes : playing videogames, watching anime, drawing

Fav. videogames: legend of zelda, Fallout, Fnaf, plants vs. Zombies garden warfare

Gender : female

And yea that's about it if you guys wanna say hi or yea my kik is humanitys_strongest_

So yea but no weird stuff cause yea just no XD

Autocorrect is a bitch so I'm sorry if I spell stuff wrong peace my lovely reader-chans ~

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