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none of my fics are abandoned i just have chronic pain, patience is a virtue

suck my avms

Stories I have OCs in :poggies:


Danganronpa: Out of This World! by Other Senpai ~ Takumi Kyoshi - Ultimate Escapist

Danganronpa: The Monsters Within Us by OceanAstro ~ Pyrrha Cyrene - Ultimate Archer

Danganronpa: Crown of Thorns by raindropscyn ~ Ayame Kurokawa - Ultimate Executive

Danganronpa: Gold House by CandleFire45 ~ Albion Kanzaki - Grand Blacksmith

Danganronpa: The Ultimate Complex by UltimateDespair53 ~ Unmei Nagato - Ultimate Daredevil

Danganronpa: Happily Never After by WolfieRed23 ~ Arisu Takara - Ultimate Game Host

Danganronpa: Corrupted Hope by SilverMark16 ~ Holland Delaney - Ultimate Game Designer

Danganronpa: Rebels of Paradise by VoidRebirth ~ Shinpei Kagami - Ultimate Exorcist

Danganronpa: Algorithmic Alteration by Otterplay ~ Lakshmi Krishna - Ultimate Lucky Student

Danganronpa: Twisted Tragedy by SilverMark16 ~ Manon Vivienne Levesque - Ultimate Actress

Danganronpa: Honeymoon Havoc by Nekoja ~ Hizuru Suoh - Ultimate Battle Maid


Persona: Remnants by LDOLDAL ~ Unmei Masayume - Best Homeroom Teacher and Wheel of Fortune/Fortune Confidant


Broken Heart Foundation by And then the sky ~ Rei Isshiki - Quirk: Ice Dragonborn

World's End [OLD] -- World's End [NEW] by FoundtheLambSauce ~ The Harmacist

(Black Clover)

The Ace Kingdom by Other Senpai ~ Amaterasu, Jasper Tillie, Lumine, Octavia Calmreich-Roulacase, Sherry Vermillion, and like 10 more idk

Celestial Phoenix by RevolutionaryCleo ~ Kanna Levine

(Fairy Tail)

Shadow Soul by SoImAWriterSoWhat ~ Asteria Nikos, Bonnie

Valkyrie Dawn [OLD] -- Valkyrie Dawn [NEW] by RevolutionaryCleo ~ Adelaide von Hevring, Aemond Volti

Dragon Hart by RevolutionaryCleo ~ Aster Mulberry

World Slayers by SoImAWriterSoWhat ~ Kozune Mura

Dragon's Den by TheDapperCat ~ Noelle Tenebrae, Kovia Caelus

Beyond The Eternal Sky by AccurateGap1 ~ Saturn Hyperion


Digimon Forever by World Paradox ~ Midori Kojou and Pomumon

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