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Um...about me: I prefer to keep characters IC as much as possible, so if I ever get around to writing more than my current in-progress work, chances are I'll only ever stick to canon pairings. My summaries tend to be vague because I figure half the fun of writing is keeping the readers guessing, and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

My favorite genres are mystery, friendship, and drama, so there'll most likely be elements of those floating around in my fic(s).

I have a passing knowledge of Russian and French, so feel free to leave reviews in either if that's what you're comfortable with, 'cause it's good practice for me. Hell, toss in Spanish, too, while you're at it; I haven't forgotten everything from high school yet.

I take great pleasure in editing, so I'd be down to help people out with betaing.

I genuinely thought Hamsterdam was a country when I was a child...

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