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07/12/21: It's been years and I have outgrown so many things. I might go back to continue some of these stories, but I don't know if it's a given considering I've lost most of my notes. I don't read on here anymore, so everything is so strange to me now...

she's got her mind on the future (Status: NOT PUBLISHED) Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream

Aira doesn't know why or how she's still alive but she can deal with that. She can deal with reliving her life, no matter how much it sucks to go through puberty again and school but when even her best friends have started to look like children, Aira decides she needs a break.

In which Aira just really wants to be unproductive but that's the one thing no one will let her do.

Pairings: UNDECIDED or GEN

he's on vacation, leave a note (Status: NOT PUBLISHED) Final Fantasy VII

Cloud was completely and utterly lost and definitely no where near his Costa del Sol beach House... but he was on vacation dammit. So screw ShinRa, screw Gaia and Minerva, screw Jenovo, screw Hojo, and screw the fucking nosy-ass-younger-than-him SOLDIERS that won't leave him alone.

Cloud doesn't give a shit.


Pairing: Harem or UNDECIDED

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