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I'm just a fellow who enjoys reading good stories that have good humor, action, suspense, friendship and some adventure (NOT a reference to AT (Adventure Time), I don't even like (NO OFFENSE TO THOSE WHO WATCH IT!!) it, which means I don't watch it unless nothing good is on, which is almost never.) , as well as the occasional tragedy, pain, comfort and angst (I have no idea what that word means, but I know that they are normally found in Pain/Tragedy/Hurt of which MIGHT (not always) have Comfort in it, and other stories like that, but now I'm rambling), as well as language barriers and a character who is mute or something like that BUT that's because I'm a crazy person who aims to make the world a better place, maybe sharing past experiences, help others get through their own troubles, helping people with their stories by giving ideas or, say, proper punctuation and spelling words and fixing the broken through my stories. Everybody, even the strongest or "Perfect" people, have problems, like the death of a family member (INCLUDING PETS!!), or have emotional scars (mentally, of course), the loss of a best friend, losing their favorite item, falling prey to physical or emotional abuse and betrayal. I always want people to choose the good things in life and focus on their goal(s). But enough for now. I may or may not update this, so yeah.


-Mega, Megaman, MegamanFan, MegaFan or just MegamanFan01.

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