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Welcome to Nowhereland. Here you will find sarcastic people and unfriendly tour guides, invisible tuna casseroles and deadly antidotes. Oh, and one evil mastermind named NOBODY (Nowhereland Owner But Overly Discrete Yawner). You know, nothing too strange.


8/7 - NOBODY has returned from the summer camp! The Rejects will be updated promptly.

7/15 - NOBODY will be going to a summer camp on Sunday, July 19. There will be no updates for three weeks. She will try to update as soon as possible when she gets back.

Current Stories

The Great Panda Oneshot Machine - Hetalia - Join Sichuan and her siblings on their adventures as the provinces of China in oneshots. Updated when NOBODY is not being a lazy ape.

- Temporarily on hiatus until NOBODY is inspired again.

The Rejects - Warriors - re┬Ěject, noun, 1. a person or thing dismissed as failing to meet standards or satisfy tastes.

- Updated up to Chapter 6

- Written up to Chapter 7

- Will be updated once a week.

Author Recommendations

hetaliamongul123- Her stories are written beautifully and her layout is perfect. She does her research for her historical fics and she writes China majestically. You won't regret reading her works. NOBODY's favorite is historia de vita mea. Go take a look!

Sunruner - Known as lsunnyc on tumblr, she writes for Hetalia as well and NOBODY thinks that her best fic so far is Snakeskins, a Pottertalia crossover. She is also the author of HetaOni: Final Loop, a real tearjerker. Read her fics but have a box of tissues ready for the plot twists.


NOBODY's real name is Melissa. She was born in Canadia, Somewhereland and at the tender age of five she moved to Nowhereland, Apurrica. Melissa enjoys browsing tumblr, stalking people on Instagram, writing, watching anime, and Supernatural. She also enjoys drawing even though her skills are average, and attempting to start new TV shows and mangas when she knows she'll never finish them. If you want to contact her, your best shot is to go on her tumblr: sammythecanadianmoose and send a message.

Melissa is at the life-changing age of thirteen and a half. She plays the cello and the piano, and she hates mushrooms. Her parents are immigrants from China, and though she can use English fluently, her grammar may falter awkwardly at times. She can speak Mandarin fluently (and a word or two of the Sichuan dialect) but her reading skills are at a second-grader's level and her writing skills are even worse. Melissa spends a large portion of her life wondering where the random bruises on her legs come from, not reading the directions and lying in bed.

Melissa often dreams about having 125 followers on tumblr and having more than four people reading her works. She has the fear of something falling on her head, the fear of having her back to an open space, and the fear of anyone touching her fountain pen.

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