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I have no idea why someone would be looking at my profile (because I will probably never post a story) but hello.

If your a fellow reader, I have read lots and the tastes in my followed/favorited stories varies quite a bit you are welcome to look around but be warned, I'm not so pure anymore. Fanfic has corrupted me. Of course it's not all like that, that's only more in recent years now that I'm older.

If you are an author, thank you so much for taking the time to write your stories!!!! I don't know why you would be on my profile but thank you so much! ( P.S. I'm gonna be shameless and ask you to scroll to the bottom of the page if your a KHR writer or a One Piece writer. There there will be story ideas that I would love to have written but can't write myself. Only condition is let me know if your going to use the idea so I can read it and know it exists. If you do I'll love you forever. Well, maybe... 2017) (Never did this... disappointed in my past self :( 2023)

I didn't really realize this until my friend told me I pronounced it wrong but screen name is NOT pronounced meme (meem), it was actually supposed to be meme as in me me. I was younger and memes weren't a part of my world yet (and it wasn't as big as it is now) so I just used my regular screen name I've been using for years now.


People usually spend more time writing, reading and updating FanFiction during the summer but not me! I spend less time which means more stories pile up which means more stories to catch up on.

Sorry if I dont review or read you story till the school year again but i will get to it sooner of later!


I'm am sorry I have stopped reviewing to every chapter I read. I know I am I terrible person because I know that I said I would review every chapter I read but after reading so many stories the task has just been feeling not as genuine and I feel like I've been saying the same things over and over. I am still reading the stories, I just don't review to all of them anymore. Sorry...


Man, it feels like a long time since I wrote on my profile. Well I guess it has been a long time. Last I typed anything on here was a year ago.


Wow, I’ve been on fanfiction for almost 5 years now. Man, I was 13 or 14 when I first created an account and started reading on this website in 2014 but just a couple months ago I turned 18. I've decided to change my screen name from meme7789 (pronounced me me) to Glory7789. Seeing as it is the beginning of the year I don't have much to write about yet.


2021 (man I totally went MIA 2020)

I've not been keeping up regularly with reading FF anymore like I used to. I'll still read some every now and then and I still go back to a lot of my favorites to reread but my taste has changed a lot and a lot of the other smaller FF I used to read just aren't what I'm looking for nowadays. I've actually been reading a lot more webtoons and manhwas lately but sadly there aren't really any big fandoms for that genre yet, not like manga and anime. As such, I haven't really been coming to or reading that many new FF.

maybe I'll write more at the end of the year... if I remember.


Just making a note so I never forget the stories I always stop by for. It's been so long I'm afraid I'll start forgetting.

Pokemon: Chaotic World (one of the best/my favorite unique pokemon world building)
Sol Invictus (One piece, FemLuffy, good writing)
The Female Gamer (Love the added on world building)

(look for that one KHR story you love so much)

To that Faraway Sky (finally went and found it 3/18/24)


Starting early yay (1/22/24). Nothing much to say but I’ve been reading FF again more and more, usually on ao3 though. I will always return here. This is home. I wish so much that there would be more manhwa FF. Hopefully gonna graduate college this year, fingers crossed. It’s 4am, what am I doing.

Best Pokémon

Pokemon: Chaotic World
The Trainer From A Far Away Land by RenegadeWarrior
Watch me light up the sky by Seito (ao3 so good)

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