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crescent the eclipse PM
Joined Jul '14

Name: Crescent Eclipse or Crescent the Eclipse as im known here.

Real name: wouldnt you want to know.


Gender: Male

Occupation: none as im currently preparing my papers for collage.

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading fanfiction, learning about mithology, video games and anime.

Favorite pairings: interspecies relationships (For example TiPo, Altoshipping, or any human x non-human pairing in general), Naruto x Fem.Kyubi, Hiccup x Fem.Toothless, Naruto x tsume or any other pairing that is rarely used in any fandom.

Fandoms: Brony, Furry, Otaku, Marvel,DC.


  1. you guys can always PM me if you have any questions related to any of my stories, i promise ill respond whenever i can.
  2. you also have to know that as a person i am very lazy, however i need you guys to keep me motivated with your reviews becasue, like many other writers i will start to doubt miself with the lack of them.
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