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I'll only give you guys the basics about my bio

Female, born August 6, 1989, at 2:20 a.m.

I am a devout Atheist. Religion has caused way more harm than good.

Fanfic stuff I like

Stories that the author puts their heart and soul into. Lemons with passion, romance and plots.

Fanfic stuff I hate

Pointless, misspelled on purpose garbage.

Bashing: It's just not right or polite. Not to mention pointless. Unless it's a villian.

Orgies: Pointless and unsanitary.

Couples I don't support and why

Knux/Rouge (Sonic): They're just not right for each other.

Robuttnik/Anyone(Sonic): Need I say more?

Turtlecest (TMNT): I've been watching them since I was a toddler! Besides, the shells would get in the way.

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