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I'm a 29 yr old girl who just reads and in the process of trying to write my first story but I do have plans for more as I start my writing I hope you enjoy my stories and who knows I may enjoy yours as well.

Im also doing a weebtoon comic with my art so check it out if interested


I also do art and have a merch store check it out.


Links to Bella's space clothing from Jasper's Love ( I will link others if I don't just come up with it on the top of my head) : https:///Pink-Queen-Piece-Flare-Galaxy/dp/B00VUT6LO4?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_3 Chapter 7

Chapter 5: https:///summer-sexy-fashion-sleeveless-u-neck-plus-size-blue-space-galaxy-printed-vest-maxi-pleated-dress.html or just ask and I'll provide you the link.

I'm also doing greeting or Christmas Cards commissions so check them out : https:///people/Cosmicnaturescapes

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