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http:// - fubarfics. I like the Dragonball Z crossovers

http:/// - Gary Kleppe

http:///fanfic/fanfic.shtml - Seasons and Colors

http:///relentless/ - home of Relentless, someone or something... is hunting Ranma Saotome. by Grayson Towler


2/15/19: I find myself considering watching GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There. It's a definite maybe, at least.

Forums: You can find me on Spacebattles or SufficientVelocity. I don't really do much though

Writing: I don't write much. When I do, it comes out as poor humor or parodies. Which is fine, it's fun. But they're not the 70k word stories I love to read daily.

Favorite Series: Oh, that's a tough one. I love books, but I don't often read books, play games, watch anime or TV, or other entertainment mediums nowadays. Typically I read fanfiction, web serials or originals, anything on the internet, even if I'm not very familiar with the source material. I'm actually rather dull.

Want-to-read: Discworld, Excession, Xeelee, Dresden Files

About-to-read: Genki I. It's a Japanese textbook for beginners. Honestly, I'd rather just learn to speak it, but I find my attention span is getting lower when I review my anki deck so it might be time to practice writing some kanji.

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