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MiriB PM
Joined Jul '14

Hello ! I'm MiriB,

Current obsession: DC (mostly Young Justice, the Batfamily and CW's The Flash)

Also on AO3 as MiriB

Shameless tumblr promotion: littlevillain7

I'm more of a reader than a writer, but I'm giving writing a shot.

Young Justice Expanded Universe Series

Current Plan:

1) A Tempest of Ash: 'Fixes' Wally's death (Complete)

2) What's Past is Prologue: Tells the story of what happened in the timeline Bart is originally from, from Jason's perspective (Complete)

3) He That Dies Pays All Debts: Sequel to A Tempest of Ash showing the rise of the Red Hood, the Light's newest operative. Story will focus heavily on Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Bart Allen, and Jaime Reyes with fairly major appearances by others including Dick Grayson, Wally West and Artemis Crock (In Progress)

Temporary Hiatus 2019

Life kinda fell apart earlier this year, and writing just hasn't been easy because of everything else going on. I do plan to get back to my stories, just not sure when that'll happen.

IMPORTANT: I am leaving behind and will now solely use AO3 - it's all to confusing positing update in two places

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