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Thanks for reading my attempts at writing.

Linking to my stories is fine but please don’t steal my work and please do not post it anywhere else. If you feel the need then ask me first and I will consider it. No one has the right to anyone else’s stories. They belong to the author only, unless he/she gives permission. And yes, this has happened to me.

If you're interested in reading something original of mine, please check out my FictionPress site. I have also posted my stories on Archive of Our Own dot Org and inkitt dot com. Inkitt accepts originals and fan fiction so contains an original along with my fandom works.

Food for thought:

I know that typos can happen and sometimes a few slip through the proofing process. That's not a problem for me and I would be a hypocrite if it was. However, I always find it difficult to read a story that goes beyond that and is heavily littered with typos and mistakes. After all, why should I read the story if even the writer doesn't like it enough to read back over it and fix it. Some stories have so many typos, wrong words, and various blatant mistakes that I seriously doubt the writer ever read their own story.

I personally read through my stories many times as I write them. It helps with finding typos, fixing mistakes, and improving continuity and flow. I have also read back over my own stories that are already posted more than once. I actually still enjoy them and use the experience to see how I can improve on my writing. So, if a fan fiction writer doesn't really care enough about their own story to do a read through so they can fix the mistakes, then why should anyone else care? Why even post a story you aren't willing to read yourself?

It's a puzzle to me.


This is something I'm adding back in due to necessity. First of all, guest reviews are not automatically approved. I have to approve them before they are allowed to be released. The reason for this? Idiots. Plain and simple. There are too many idiots who use guest reviews to write something that is of no help to anyone. Look, just because you have a miserable life doesn't mean everyone else should be miserable too. Keep your vitriol to yourself. Now, if we can just get the few of those with accounts to stop leaving childish reviews as well, then we would be golden. At least we can report those.

How am I suppose to respond to a guest review? Answer? I can't as I don't believe in putting replies at the top or bottom of my chapters. It's not professional looking to do that and I don't consider fan fiction to be social media. I'm here to improve my writing and become as professional as I can while at it. There's plenty of social media out there to converse with people. I refuse to use fan fiction as another one. This site provides a means to respond to reviews and that's what I use. You just can't respond to a guest review. That means, if you are going to leave a review as a guest on one of my works, then it better be something that doesn't require a reply. That normally is just heaps of praise. Keep in mind that even if you believe you have a point, even when you don't, I may not see your point in all your diatribe. So, if I can't discuss it with you and get a better understanding, then it gets deleted and you just wasted your time writing it.

Don't get me wrong, I will approve a guest review that is truly constructive criticism and doesn't need a reply, even if I just want to thank them. But, do you guys know how rare that is? Not all, but most reviewers who have something critical to say, only know how to insult you and be extremely rude about it. There's a big difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Constructive criticism is for helping people. It does not use rudeness, insults, and bad tone to make a point. Being rude will not get your point across. You will just be ignored. Besides, why are you so angry when you leave a review? It's just a fan fiction story. Why would you have anything personal invested in it? It should only be personal to the one who wrote it. Perhaps, it's time to step away from the keyboard and prioritize your life?


Harry Potter - General Stories

Harry's Best Dream Ever - Complete. A short one-shot that takes place after the battle when they are all headed back to Hogwarts for school on September first. It's a Harry/Ginny romance fluff story that just hit me out of the blue and I wrote it in one day. Mostly romance with some humor.

Dolores Meets Her Match - Complete. A one-shot where Dolores does not get her way.

The Marauders School of Magic - Complete. 6 chapters total written in first person. Harry calls on some special help when his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. Just a quick romp through fourth year as Harry deals with everything that comes his way.

Hagrid Saves the Day - Complete. A one-shot where Hagrid proves his worth when it counts the most.

The Only One - Complete. Harry realizes the full meaning of the prophecy and decides to take advantage of it.

Harry's Chamber of Secrets - Complete. Harry discovers a place to call his own.

Don't Wake the Baby - Complete. A one-shot that tells the true story of how it really went on Halloween of 1981.

He Never Saw It Coming - Complete. A one-shot romance about Harry and Daphne getting together years after Hogwarts.

The Weapon - Complete. A long one-shot for fourth year where Harry has a secret ability.

Harry Potter Kills Dolores Umbridge - Complete. A one-shot where Harry accidentally kills Umbridge while in detention.

Harry Potter - Legends Series

Legends of Potter - Complete. My first story and the first book in the series. Harry's summer and fifth year where he has a change of heart and attitude.

Potter of Legends - Complete. Second book in the series. Sequel to Legends of Potter. Harry's summer and sixth year where he continues to expand his abilities and leaves no doubt he can use them. Much death and destruction in this one, mainly Death Eaters.

Trial of a Legend - Complete. Interlude. One-shot that follows Potter of Legends. Harry is put on trial for his war with the Death Eaters. Harry handles it in his typical fashion.

In Need of a Legend - Complete. Short 3 chapter story that follows Trial of a Legend where Harry helps with a dark lord that is troubling Japan.

Harry Potter / Star Wars Crossover

Harry Potter and the Jedi Chronicles - Complete. HP/Star Wars crossover where a very young Harry grows up to be an extremely powerful wizard in another world.

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