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It is a pleasure to have you reading my Bio...

hmmm how do i start... well it all began with how my father decided that he would no no... strive to become immortal...NO... ummm become a hunter and leave me to to wonder why he left... no... be stabbed by the man i loved... not really... Always when i realized strange things were happening all around me and my family was in danger i decided to become a shinagami and hunt hollows. But i still continued with my everyday life.

When I was about 16 I entered a prestigious high school. It soon became apparent that blue fire emulated from me whenever I felt strong emotion. One of my best friends, who had pink hair, kept looking like he wanted to eat the fire right off of me. Strange right?? When I went to confess to the boy I liked I was stared at for a while and handed an autograph. Ya I know its not the best situation. But get this I wanted to seem cool in front of my friends so I pretended that he was my boyfriend, and when I confronted him about it he started treating my like a dog... A DOG. Now we are happily together though. He was in the swim team along with another boy who only said that he wanted to swim "free". Whatever that means... and played basket ball with a red haired beast and another kid i think...

I also enjoy volunteer work. I assist in working at a theme park called Amagi Brilliant Park. You should check it out whenever you get a chance. I can't even believe half of the things I see while I'm there. There was a man who kept asking people for 5 cents and wrote his phone number on any surface he could find. He was a member of the Dollars and gave me the password to join. I'll tell you since you have read my story the password is *. I also met a nice man with white hair who run a game that would apparently decide if you went to heaven or the void? IDK I just chose to keep my distance. There was also a man with an insanely large hand... one of those dragons you know. One of the ringmasters named Zero was also a strange man, people would always do what he wanted no questions asked.

Now I work for the government (or sybil) whatever and have a job in tracking down pesky Holy Knights... I mean seriously its insane their crime coefficient is always over 200.

Well thanks for reading everyone:)
Want to see where my references are from? Check out my anime list at: http:///animelist/animated-fangirl

And yes as you will/can see I only really read Rated: M fanfiction, and sometimes very very graphic T. I can get a little obsessed with my ships (i just ship so hard) ;) So if you are curious on what graphic fanfictions are amazing and interesting, I can assure you that my favorites tab will not disappoint. I also make it a point only to have fan fictions that are complete in my favorites tab. But, if they are not labeled complete that just means that I believe that the story is just so amazing it would be a shame not to add it to my favorites.

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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