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I love Kakashi, Hakkai, Soujiro, and my fav Yoko Kurama! I do not own any of them, dang that stinks!

My characters!

name: rain

eyes: sliver-purple

: like sesshomaru

: 3/4 dog demon and quarter human

: inuyasha's mother and inuyasha's atittude

: 5' 9"

special attack
: black rose whip

: plants like yoko kurama

tribe name
: makia dogs

: princess of the last makia dogs

: storm: arctic wolf (changes into a bigger wolf like kirara can. except for there is no fire)

name: takaneji

hair: black to mid back

eyes: original light brown/ dragon eyes forest green when calm turn white w/ hints of black when she is extremely angry and has black sunglasses on most of time now (to hide her dragon eyes from people that don't know about her clan)

height: 5' 9"

age: 24

look: black top no sleeves w/ black baggy cargo shorts, right leg and left arm wrapped in bandages, has a black dragon that starts at the wrist and spirals up the arm and goes behind back and back around to front with the head on the stomach with mouth open slightly and black markings on left leg starting from ankle up to the hip and wears a black head band or a black mask

weapon/weapons: two black katanas with white trim

titles: phantom dragon, dragon of destruction, darkness dragon, taki (shinlee calls her), sensei

pets names: sky (red tail hawk) ebony (black horse) guardian (black wolf)

bio on character: she is from a large clan called the dragon clan. she has a twin older brother named Takana. they each have a dragon inside them know as Yin and Yang. Takaneji has Yin while Takana has Yang (white dragon). Chinma is their middle sister while Shinlee is the youngest. both have dragons as well. takaneji and takana became chunins at 4 and jounins at 11. their clan is hunted for there dragons they carry inside them. takaneji is a serious, tough, beautiful, smart, perverted (at times), trouble making, ramen lover, master of dragon jutsus, loving sister, caring, kind, jerk (at times), and awesome teacher

sorry for any type Os stupid computer!

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