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Dear Curious Readers,

I ask for your patience as you await your respective updates. I have no intentions of abandoning any of these stories.

I hope that I may look forward to your continued visits in the future. :)

Cheers! MidnightRosebud

Stories in Progress:

Title: Descendants à la Zombies
Movie(s): Z-O-M-B-I-E-S
(and 2) & Descendants trilogy - crossover
Change, Magic, Love - it all comes at a price. But how much are they willing to sacrifice in order to obtain it? And once they do, after they look at their reflections in the mirror - will they see their dreams reflected back? Or the face of a monster?
Chapter Sixteen posted.

Title: Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum - Let Justice be done though the Heaven's Fall.
TV Show:
Super Sentai - crossover
Info: Samurai sentai Shinkenger & Kaizoku sentai Gokaiger. AU
Sequel to "Ceteris Paribus."
How do you survive in a foreign country controlled by merciless rulers with quick tempers, sharp fists, and a public square painted daily with a fresh coat of blood? Where do you sleep in a place that is hellbent on maximizing your pain, prolonging your nightmares? Will you consent to trust what notorious criminals and turncoats offer in your desperation? ...can you afford not to? Tainted innocence, twisted justice, unrelenting sorrow - the price paid for bitter revenge.
Status: Chapter Twelve writing in-progress.

Title: Pyre of the Lost
TV Show: Once Upon a Time
Info: AU. Killian Jones/Emma Swan
Emma - an exhausted and still-grieving young woman caught in the midst of a blood feud from a war-torn country with a secret past she'll guard with her life. Killian - a calculating and pain-ravaged rogue who won't let anyone or anything stand in the way of laying the ghosts of his past to rest. Revenge, desperation and sorrow pull them together. Hope keeps them there.
Status: Chapter Four posted. Chapter Five writing in-progress.

Title: Memories Left Behind
Anime: CardCaptor Sakura
Info: Half a year has passed since Sakura single-handedly broke her own heart and left a shattered family behind her. Now a new threat has arisen and Sakura must confront a familiar enemy, a fractured family, a detached heart, and her own feelings in order to protect those who mean more to her than her own life.
Status: Chapter Four posted. Chapter Five writing in-progress.

Title: Rainy WindowPane
Anime: Naruto/Shippuden
Info: They were brought together one dark, rainy night; entwining their destinies in an intricate web of fear, distrust, and horror. He's been searching for the haunted figure that stalks his world, and she may hold the secrets to unraveling it. There's just one problem. She's never spoken a word. This is their story. (Gothic Romance- Sakura/Sasuke)
Status: Chapter Nine posted. Chapter Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen (Final) writing in-progress.

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