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Age 18 Gender Male Loves Ratchet and clank games, anything by insomniac, portals steam garys mod And creepypastas Anime cartoons movie favorites ranging from rise of the guardians to the ratchet and clank movie how to train your dragon and amazing spider-man anything marvel or DC Loves to read fanfiction goosebumps and comics and anime. Favorite music dont know but all I know is I like some rock and such Working on storys as of late is making the first story of ratchet and clank yet and will finish the others in June has deleted ones I can no longer continue them I am out of grammar stuff and I just simply can not finish it I am sorry for the inconvenience at least I am trying here. Enjoy my rebooted profile!

Wattpad name is not the same as this Spidey-pool77 is my user please check it out :) or Gmail me on Google or youtube

Jeffreywoods on both its simple and sweet

And I got one more thing to say FUCK YOU AND ABOUT GRAMMAR also I can't fix it so dont ready my stuff if you like grammar perfect shit also I am autistic have low self esteem and dont need your critiquing of learn how to write comments

Hello all I know I know been a year now hasn't it well its because I fell ill cancer but I BEAT IT I BEAT MY Cancer so from now on and forever I will work and finish each and every single story I write as long as you support me I'll keep on writing

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