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I think I need more Vitamin Reviews

I have now adopted the policy of not posting until the story is complete (unless they're drabbles). Sorry for any inconvenience.

I am DwaejiTokki (meaning PigRabbit in Korean), age 24, and etc.. Nice to meet you! I love writing and do try to keep up as much as possible, so it might be that I update a lot. But I am in college, so that previous statement might prove false...Hm. Not that anyone really cares. If you want to know anything about me, please feel free to message me!

Most of my stories wind up pretty dark-themed with maybe a bit of fluff towards the end. If you don't like that sort of thing, my writing might not be for you.

I have several characters for whom I want to write fics. I just have to come up with a plot for each of them. I do have many, many ideas for each of them. I always write down my ideas so I don't forget, so there's a huge list waiting for my motivation. I'm sure one day I'll get to each of them, but I get new ideas all the time, so my list may become never-ending. :0


You can PM me with any prompts or challenges, and if I am comfortable with them I will add them to my list. I love them!

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