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If you're one for Quick facts:

  • I love Harry Potter

  • I love short stories

  • I don't like endings

  • I don't stop talking

  • I've got no humour

  • I'm an IT Tech Guy

  • I'm no native speaker (writer)

  • If you're here for the rest of my story, please join me:

    There's not much to say about me, but I will try to at least satisfy your curiosity a bit. I've been reading fanfiction for nearly 10 years. I first started when I was a teenager.

    As you may have noticed, I am an mostly active in the Harry Potter Community. In my early childhood I was one of those, who despised Harry Potter because of the Hype around it. I was of the opinion that I didn't even need to try it, it'd be horrible if I did. I thought "Hey, until now you've been fine reading books others don't know or like, you will be now too". Turns out I was wrong. At about 11 I first started reading Harry Potter. I was on Vacation with my mom, we were visiting Family. It's best to say that I remember nearly nothing of my Family or what we did because I read all the time, sometimes well past midnight, and leave it at that. Soon I had read all Books and was very sad to realise, that it had ended. I tried to cope with that but in the end, I just gave up. It's always like that for me. I pretend, that the '19 years later' doesn't exist. I like to have a universe of alternate plots in my head and choose whichever most fits right now.

    You might wonder, why my name hasn't got anything to do with Harry Potter, even though I just told you how big of a fan I am. Well, that's because my first contact with fanfiction was on the How To Train your Dragon fandom. So back when I decided I'd finally create an account I was just as useless at thinking of usernames as I am now, I choose toothless99. Spares you at least the question of my age. Or my year of Marriage. Or the year of my first child's birth.

    Anyways that fandom is another place where I go to often. Although I haven't seen the 3rd movie and never will, because I'm told that it's got an ending. Ewww. I despise endings. I love to have the freedom to think stuff myself. Like sometimes I walk through the city and lose myself in my fantasy, where people walk straight up walls just because, or huge beasts round the corner right before my eyes. Or where there are ladders into the sky and People coming down from them. But in my mind this is not one big interweaved story, those are all small short stories shich coexist only in my mind. That is one of the reasons I love short stories so much, in my head, everything exists in short stories.

    You might ask yourself if I'm writing stories too (Or you might just be thinking at this point 'Why the hell am I reading this?'). Well, a good thought. In general, I do write. But most of the time, its not good enough for me not to cringe. Yes, there are many on here who write even badder, but I want to enrich the community and not make it harder to find good work.

    So if you've read down to this, maybe we're a bit lile-minded. And if that is the case, it's possible that you, like me, are often reading stories between 5k and 30k words. And if this is true too (please let me know) you might find yourself frustrated by the lack of filter for this word-range. I suggested it to ffn but haven't received any response until now. But if you think like me, just let ffn know, so they can buile something when they think there's the need.

    Whew. Told you so much yet nothing at all! But I'll stop here for now.

    Thanks for visiting my page and have a great day!

    signed: me ( 11. Oct. 2019)

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