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Hiyas! I'm Speller-Sama! I just got this account, but I have read a lot of fanfiction before this. (I hate lying, so I had to wait until I was 14. That was actually a few months ago, but my comupter broke down for a while.) Anyway, I positively *ADORE* Gravitation and FAKE and I've read the first two Eerie Queerie books. *huggles Ichi, Mitsuo & Hasunuma-sama* I take pride in my spelling skills and only want one friend who can spell properly. Then my life will be complete! *sigh* But for now, I'm just happy with reading fanfics. I will NEVER write any! NEVER!!! My writing skills are HORRIBLE!!! *sob sob* Oh well. My birthday is the same day as Yuki-sama's - February 23rd - so I adore him. DON'T KILL HIM OFF,YOU EVIL PEOPLE!!! ^^;; Urm... Sorry. And before I go, I'd like to say that I do NOT accept Tatsuha/Hiroshi or Tohma/Fujisaki as a pairing. I have learned recently that this IS a problem and I will NOT tolerate it. If you slashing anything together that's of the same gender, that's fine by me, but don't clog up the system of FanFiction.Net with your trash. Especially incestuous trash, thankfully of which, there are only two in the Gravitation section. ^^;; Aw, sorry 'bout that. I probably only need to bawl out a few people, so that wasn't really needed. Talk to me or somethin' on AIM! I'm HaHaISpellBetter! BYE!!!
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