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Notes/Recent News (Last updated Aug 7, 2018)

Okay! Let's see... currently I've been outlining an original story so I haven't been working on fanfiction much. All three ideas have a little bit written for them though!

Next order of business, anime! Recently watched the Nogami Neuro. I can't remember the full Japanese name. It was cool though!

Stories (Unfinished ones)

Foretold: I'm not really interested in these YouTubers anymore. Probably not going to ever write Minecraft fanfiction ever again. (Also I'm low-key embarrassed by my poor writing skills in the past, but I'm too unmotivated to fix the story)

The Devil Might be Kira: Me updating this at some point is fairly unlikely, the main problem being that I have no idea how to go about continuing this (I need to get better at actually thinking up a skeleton storyline before I start writing).

Current Story Ideas: Basically a list of ideas I've been playing around with. Also, as I come up with ideas, I push the old ones down the list.

Idea #1: HxH story. Basically, Meruem is reincarnated as Chrollo (Kuroro) Lucilfer's brother. Meaning he's stuck in a baby's body in the middle of Meteor City.

Idea #2: AoT x Avengers (mostly Iron man). Basically Bertholdt is reborn as Tony Stark's son.

Idea #3: AoT. Another characters-react-to-show fic. Except it's Gabi, Falco, Zophia, and Udo. I actually wrote a bit but not really enough to post.

Other: Anything else that doesnt fit in the former sections.

Yay! Random stuff...

Favorite Character all time: Tyki Milk (D. Gray-man. Pre-transformation. I kinda couldn't stay into it after that)

Favorite ship of all time: Komugi x Meruem (Hunter x Hunter. Not like them actually *ahem* mating, but just them being cutesy and lovey dovey in a non-sexual way)

Favorite anime: Attack on Titan

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