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Hello! My name is Katherine, and I've been a proud Nerd for over five years. I've been in so many fandoms, and loved deeper and harder than I could have ever imagined. I'm 18 years old and a proud member of the family, and I've been reading for over four years (the first night I discovered it, I pulled my first not-school-related allnighter!).

As you can see, I have a few Wicked stories published. This is a fond memory of my first fandom ever, and the fandom that got me hooked on fanfiction. I'm leaving them up as I have no idea where the original copy went, and I like to remember them. DISCLAIMER: I wrote them when I was a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL, so please don't judge them (as harshly as I already do) :)

My current favorite fandom is Doctor Who!

I have a harder time writing when I type, so I prefer to write all my big stories in (large, messy, five subject) notebooks first, and then type the whole thing up. I will typically write the whole story in my notebook, then publish each chapter as I type it, so I can publish on a semi-regular basis, and readers don't have to wait through my (crippling) writer's block.

My current big story is a 20 chapter long BRILLIANT TwelvexRiver piece that is still being put in the notebook, but stay tuned!

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