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Hello and thanks for checkin out my profile! People do not always do that, and it is very cool when they do!

So let's see, what do you need to know about me and my writing?

I like to be very realistic in my stories. I mean, yes, many of them involve Pokemon, but because one of my fics is historical fiction, I strive for accuracy and realism. If you ever notice that I've gotten my facts or even my grammar wrong, please feel free to tell me, I won't take offense and I'll appreciate the help! (I do, however, tend to not capitalize names of Pokemon. It's the way I think is correct, but it's okay if you disagree)

Most of my stories are about Pokemon. Red and Gold are the beginning of what I hope I can make into a series of novels. They're set in what is (kinda) the real world and follow characters of my own invention through their journey. The Pokepast, on the other hand, is a collection of historical vignettes all involving Pokemon. I really love it and it seems to be really popular, but I've written a lot with it and find myself running out of ideas. Suggestions are always welcome!

And I am starting a brand new Fallout fic! It's, of course, going to be a bit more violent and intense than my Pokemon stories, just for the subject manner, but I won't put anything excessively graphic (I do use pretty strong language in some of my stories, just for realism's sake, but I try not to be too horrible). This fic will hopefully update more regularly , probably once a week on Fridays, which is quite a change for me, since my updates are usually few and far between. Here's hoping I can change that!

Thanks again for checkin' out my profile and readin' my stories! I hope you enjoy my work and leave me tons of positive reviews

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