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Hello, and welcome to my little slice of heaven. I'm usually here 5 days a week, so you may message me anytime. All of my main characters are twisted in some way, so I suggest you go in expecting them to be yanderes and be pleasantly surprised if they aren't. I work long hours and only really get time to write on my vacation days or right before bed, so updates aren't as fast as they ought to be. My update schedule is below, and if I ever stop posting for more than a month without prior notice, I am dead (or wishing I were).

As a writer, I struggle quite a bit with plot bunnies. To those who don't know, plot bunnies are nagging ideas that won't leave you in peace until you write them out, and even then they multiply so quickly you don't know how to deal with them. Even though I only have one active story, I'm still writing stories for seven different fandoms that I just never post because I can never hit the 4-chapter benchmark.

Yes. My update schedule sucks. I apologize for that. If anyone has an plot bunny extermination services, please give me their contact information, because the little fuckers are really starting to drive me insane.

Enjoy the waifu love~

Last checked in: 2/18/2021

August update:

After working myself a bit too hard, I currently have tendonitis in both hands from too much typing. Normally during time off work I try to provide some more chapters, but as of yet I can’t type without pain.

(Doesn't stop me from typing on my phone, bitches!)

I plan to update Chaotic Good as soon as I can type again, as I have about 5 or 6 chapters stored up and all I need to do is stop procrastinating finishing the last chapter before the Interlude. I’ve been trying for a while to start building up a means to kick out updates more frequently, and I started stockpiling them in January when my workload began increasing. Then the news of the pandemic hit the general public, and suddenly I was absolutely slammed.

Apparently IT people are in high demand when everything goes online. Who knew.

Long story short, I apologize for how late the update is. To be honest you guys are probably used to real life things interrupting my writing by now, as depressing as that is.

For now, everyone just stay safe and stay inside.

Thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the months. I still make sure to read every review, though PMs no longer seem to display in my gmail inbox like they used to. I'll get back to you when I can.

Signing off from another depressing update,

-Mister Grin

P.S. Satella is best girl fite me

I dont even need my hands to fight waifu wars


Understanding the Void: ~15,000-20,000 words per chapter, every 4-8 days. On hiatus atm, will be working on it. I don't intend to abandon either of my stories here, I just ran out of motivation.

Chasing the Dream: ~10,000-15,000 words per chapter, 4-6 days. On hiatus atm, will be working on it. I don't intend to abandon either of my stories here, I just ran out of motivation.

Chaotic Good: Fuck if I know. I'm trying to get them out once a week, but the plot bunnies keep sidetracking me. (I think they're becoming sentient. Please send help.)

(Cover art repository: imgur dot com / a / ct5LVAH) Not working at the moment, not sure why. Will update it when I figure it out.

That one fic that finally broke five chapters. (Chaotic Good)

A wish-fulfillment romp in the world of Overlord, told by a character with full knowledge of what's to come. He is overpowered and he is utterly shameless. Millicas at least had some morals, but this guy genuinely couldn't care less if the world burned as long as he could continue to mess around. Seriously, I would not consider this one a valid option. It has a lot of citrus involved ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) and a large story arc all ready to go. You may very well love it, I never really know with you guys.

The MC will not be harem-sniping Ainz. I have seen that happen far too damn much, which is what inspired this fic to begin with. The MC will be a part of Nazarick, yes, but I am going to be avoiding this fandom's favored tropes like the plague while making it. I don't know how you'll like it, but I'm putting it here anyway if you want to give it a shot.

(Against all odds, it seems to have won. I am confused, but hopeful.)

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