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You can find me on tumblr under: mrbuddykins


Hi. So I am kinda getting used to writing ff now and thought I should put up a profile. I currently have 2 stories going; "Instincts" and "Tales of Tails". Both of which are Zootopia. I try to update about once a week for both fics and I will occasionally post a one-shot if I can't make any head way with my main stories. If you have suggestions or questions feel free to let me know as I always enjoying getting other people's views and understanding of things.


While it might be clear now, I enjoy writing strong fics and can't wait to see what you think about them. If you are interested in checking it out blog that some of you might enjoy, it will have chapter updates as well as fan art for different Zootopia things.

Well I hope you enjoy my fics and many more out there!-


Okay I'm back again as best as I can! I have a few requests on the back burner right now and I am going to try working on Zootopian Concert and also A Change in Life, a Change in Fate as best as I can right now. With school and work pulling me so much I am having a hard time staying positive and enjoying things. But this has been helping with that, so best of luck to all of you!~


Man... I've been gone a long time hu? Well recently as in just the other day I got into the new She-ra fandom, so I plan to be very active with that for the forseable future. Find me on tumblr and that's basically all im going on about now lol. I hope to keep up on here with one shot's of my own and prompts from anybody wanting to that's apart of the fandom :D

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