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Alight so nobody gets confused I used to have all these other accounts but I forgot the passwords so I made this account for all of the stories.

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Power Rangers Stories

Katheryn Miller "Kat"

Katheryn Miller "Kat"

Power of Green

Amanda Burke

Amanda's boyfriend Andy

Amanda's ipod

Amanda's phone

Amanda's backpack

Amanda's prom dress

Amanda's outfits

Amanda's car

Sawyer North

Sawyer Emily North

Adult Sawyer Emily North-Oliver

Young Sawyer

Sawyer's outfits

Sawyer's backpack

Sawyer's car

Sawyer's bedroom

Taylor Jeffery

Roxy Jeffery

Taylor (Roxy's best friend from the Blizzard Ninja Academy)

Roxy's backpack

Roxy's car

Roxy's outfit's

Roxy's dance supplies

Roxy's iceskating supplies

Roxy's dog "Chase"

Roxy's on the go mug

Roxy's junior prom dress

Roxy's junior prom hairstyle

Roxy's junior prom shoes

Roxy's junior prom eye shadow

Roxy's junior prom lipstick

Roxy's senior prom dress

Roxy's senior prom hairstyle

Roxy's senior prom shoes

Roxy's senior prom eye shadow

Roxy's senior prom lipstick

Roxy's ex-boyfriend Wyatt

Roxy's house in Blue Bay Harbor

Roxy's house in Reefside

Roxy and Hunter's house

Roxy's engagement ring -Mystic Force

Laura Day

Hope Tyler

Lily Green

Lily Green

Lily backpack

Lily's outfits

Lily's horse BlackJack

Lily's laptop

Lily's handwriting

Lily's binders 1

Lily's binders 2

Lily's guitar

Lily's guitar pick

Lily's song writing book

Kaimana Porter

Kaimana Iolana Porter "Kai"

Kai's backpack

Kai's bedroom

Kai's outfits

Kai's art supplies

Kai's surfboard 1

Kai's surfboard 2

Kai's surfboard 3

Kai's house in California

Kai's house in Hawaii

Kai's artwork

Day Of The Dumpster

Ashlee Montgomery

Ashlee Mongomery "Ash or Lee"'

Ashlee's bedroom

Ashlee's outfits

Noel Bennett

Noel Bennett

Hannah Bennett (Noel's little sister)

Noel's bedroom

Noel's outfits

Noel's cat

Noel's backpack

Noel's binder

Noel's prom dress

Noel's bike

Casey Stevens

Casey Stevens "Cas"

Casey's bedroom (dad's house)

Casey's bedroom (Mom's house)

Casey's outfits

Casey's backpack

Casey's Dad's house

Casey's Mom's house

Casey's bike

Casey's duffle bag

Casey's archery's supplies

Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell "Nikki"

Nikki's outfits

Kelsi Peyton

Dawn Peyton

Dawn's outfits

Elizabeth Matthews and Taylor Montgomery

A Splash of Blue and Orange: Elizabeth and Taylor are sisters by everything except blood but when Zordon calls upon them they know what they have to do. But as they battle against the dark forces of Rita and Zedd it takes more then their closeness to the other's to be able to help them. But they also fall in love as they battle against the monsters. ElizabethXTommy TaylorXAdam KimberlyXJason

Elizabeth Kaylee Matthews "Liz, Libby, or Lizzie"

Taylor Carmen Montgomery

Young Elizabeth

Young Taylor

Elizabeth's and Taylor's outfits

Elizabeth's horse "Comet"

Taylor's horse "Galaxy"

Elizabeth's backpack

Taylor's backpack

Elizabeth and Taylor's friend Amy

Elizabeth's Halter for Comet

Elizabeth's Lead Line for Comet

Taylor's Halter for Galaxy

Taylor's lead line for Galaxy

Elizabeth's brushes for Comet

Taylor's brushes for Galaxy

Elizabeth's bike

Taylor's bike

Elizabeth's English Tack

Saddle Pad




Elizabeth's Western Tack

Saddle Pad




Taylor's English Tack

Saddle Pad




Taylor's Western Tack

Saddle Pad




Carmen Morgan

Niamh Campbell

Little Niamh

Skye Campbell- Niamh's daughter

Gwendolyn Campbell- Niamh's sister

Benjamin Campbell- Niamh's brother

Zoe Campbell- Niamh's Mother

Aaron Campbell- Niamh's father

Killer, Ace, and Conquest- Family Dogs

Logan Castellan -Niamh's ex and Skye's Father

Niamh's Diaper bag

Niamh's baby supplies 1

Niamh's baby supplies 2

Niamh's house in California

Niamh's house in England

Niamh's bedroom

Gwendolyn's bedroom

Benjamin's bedroom

Niamh's nursery for Skye

Niamh's outfits

Niamh's backpack

Niamh's glasses

Niamh's stroller

Niamh's tattoo 1

Niamh's tattoo 2

Niamh's makeup

Niamh's Cofee Cup

Jamie Porter

Jamie Porter

Josephine Elliot

Josephine Arianna Elliot "Josie"

Chloe Maddison Elliot -Josephine's daughter

Josephine's bedroom

Chloe's nursery

Josephine's baby supplies

Josephine's nails

Josephine's style

Maddison Jacobs

Maddison Jacobs "Maddy"

Maddison's style

Maddison's Dog

Maddison's skateboard

Maddison's motocross bike

Maddison's surfboard

Maddison's Snowboard

Maddison's Kayak

Maddison's bedroom

Jordan Wood

Jordan Miriam Wood

Hayley Wood -Jordan's eldest daughter and Alexa's twin

Alexa Wood -Jordan's youngest daughter and Hayley's twin

Elijah Wood "Eli" -Jordan's son

Katrina Wood -Jordan's Mom

Jordan's house

Jordan's car

Jordan's baby supplies

Jordan's stroller for Hayley and Alexa

Jordan's stroller for Elijah

Jordan's Style

Jordan's backpack

Jordan's desk

Jordan's diaper bag

Jordan's bedroom

Hayley and Alexa's bedroom

Elijah's bedroom

Allison Cooper

Allison Cooper

Allison's style

Callisto Matthews

Callisto Lana Matthews

Anthony Stevens -Callisto's Uncle

Nancy Stevens -Callisto's Cousin

Callisto's house

Callisto's style

Callisto's hair color in Mighty Morphin 1

Callisto's backpack

Callisto's bedroom

Callisto's binders

Callisto's yugioh cards 1

Callisto's yugioh cards 2

Callisto's yugioh cards 3

Callisto's duffle bag 1

Callisto's duffle bag 2

Sara McConner

Sara McConner

Power Rangers Primal Force

Mackenzie Reed "Mac or Kenzie"-Red Ranger

Jean Watson -Pink Ranger

Hayden Carter -Blue Ranger

David Cox-Yellow Ranger

Aaron Young -Black Ranger

Paul Johnson -Green Ranger

Nicholas Marsten -Ranger's Mentor

Primal Force Style

Hunter Andersen

Hunter Andersen

Bryan Andersen- Son

Deliah Andersen- mother

Hunter's Collection

Hunter's tattoo 1

Hunter's tattoo 2

Hunter's tattoo 3

Eve Black

Eve Black

Karen Black -Mother

Eve's Style

Eve's Tattoo

Eve's cellphone

Eve's phone case

Eve's ipod

Eve's ipod case

Eve's school bag

Lothor's Daughter

Andrea Williams "Andy"

Paige Franklin

Paige Franklin


Alyssa McCarthy

Elisha McArthur

Elisha McArthur

Riley Claire Davis

Riley Claire Davis

Steven Richard Mason

Riley's Style

Riley and Steve's cat's Femme and Crow as kittens

Riley and Steve's cats Femme and Crow grown up

Kendall Logan

Kendall Logan

Ashleigh David

Ashleigh David

Samantha Elaine Hunter

Samantha Elaine Hunter "Sam"

Aidrean Carter

Aidrean Carter

Bailey Avalon Harper

Bailey Harper

Shauna Brennan

Shauna Brennan

Zelda Jaydan Holkner

Zelda Jaydan Holkner "ZJ"

Zelda's style

Zelda's Prom Dress

Jurassic Power: Being forced to go back to High School 16 year old ZJ Holkner hoped that it would just be easy since she was a genius with an IQ of 197 and ran her tem called Scorpion. But when she get detention and finds the green Dino Gem ZJ knows that her life will never be the same again. Fighting against Mesogog is tough but when her family in Scorpion finds out what is going to happen?

Chloe Oliver

Chloe Oliver

Matthew Oliver

Chloe's Outfits

Chloe's Prom Dress

Burning Passion: After her father escaped from the island exploding Chloe's family decided to spend some time in Blue Bay Harbor with her Uncle Rocky at his dojo. But when Lothor comes back after years Chloe has to follow in her parents footsteps and become the Pink Ninja Ranger. Chloe may be a dare devil but when it comes to the final battle with Lothor she has a feeling that something bad might happen.

CJ Walker

Cassandra Jane Walker "CJ"

CJ's style

Kymberly Davis

Kymberly Davis "Kym"

Kym's outfits

Hope Alexis Jordan

Hope Jordan

Hope's Outfits

Hope's Dog Chance

Morgan Daniels

Kelly Daniels

Little Kelly

Hayley Daniels -Morgan's Twin Sister

Liam Daniels -Morgan's Nephew and Hayley's son

Kelly's Outfits

Kelly's Room

House of Anubis Stories

Kelsi Morgan

Kelsi Autumn Morgan

Kelsi's Comforter

Kelsi's cell phone

Kelsi's suitcase

Kelsi's backpack

Kelsi's clue bag

Olivia Harper

Alyssa Megan Hunter

Alyssa's outfits

Alyssa's car

Alyssa's lanyard

Alyssa's comforter

Alyssa's suitcase

Alyssa's prom dress

Alyssa's prom hairstyle

Alyssa's prom heels

Alyssa's binders 1

Alyssa's binders 2

Alyssa's binders 3

Alyssa's highlighters

Alyssa's necklace

Alyssa's ring

Alyssa's school bag

Alyssa's clue bag

Alyssa's contacts

Alyssa's contacts case

Alyssa's dog

Alyssa's cell phone

Alyssa's laptop

Alyssa's ipad

Alyssa's ipod

Alyssa's headphones

Alyssa's nails

Alyssa's guitar

Alyssa's guitar strap

Alyssa's guitar case

Alyssa's guitar picks

Alyssa's guitar string

Alyssa's bike

Alyssa's filing cabinet in Florida and Anubis

Alyssa's straightener

Alyssa's curling iron

Alyssa's crimper

Alyssa's in styler

Alyssa's hair dryer

Alyssa's handwriting

Alyssa's vinyl bag

Alyssa's dress bag

Alyssa's desk

Sara & Sadie Connor

Sara Ashley Connor

Samantha Lauren Connor "Sam"

Sara & Samantha's grandmother Elenor "Gran"

Sara & Samantha's grandfather Henry "Gramps"

Sara & Samantha's mother "Michelle"

Sara & Samantha's father "David"

Sara's outfits

Samantha's outfits

Sara's dog "Narukami"

Sara's prom dress

Samantha's prom dress

Sara's Masquerade dress

Samantha's Masquerade dress

Sara's masquerade mask

Samantha's Masquerade mask

Sara's comforter

Samantha's comforter

Sara's suitcase

Samantha's suitcase

Sara's cell phone

Samantha's cell phone

Sara's laptop

Samantha's laptop

Sara's backpack

Sara's clue bag

Samantha's backpack

Sara's camera

Sara's camera strap

Sara's video camera

Sara's art supplies

Sara's glasses

Sara's glasses case

Sara's handwriting

Samantha's handwriting

Sara's Drawings/ Paintings

Final Video From Australia

House of New Students 1

House of New Students 2

House of New Students 3

House of New Students 4

House of Discoveries 1

House of Discoveries 2

House of Discoveries 3

House of Discoveries 4

House of Uploads 1

House of Uploads 2

Sara's Photo Poses

Sara & Samantha Beach

Sara, Elenor, & Henry

Samantha, Elenor, & Henry

Sara, Samantha, Elenor, & Henry

Sara & Elenor

Samantha & Elenor

Sara & Henry

Samantha & Henry

Sara & Samantha

Sara, Samantha, Michelle, & David

Sara & Amber

Sara's Dancing With the Stars Dances



Paso Doble



Quick step



Group Dance

Diana Peyton

Diana Peyton

Currses at Anubis

Amy Lynn Baker/ Maria Jordan West

Amy's comforter

Amy's backpack

Amy's cluebag

Amy's suitcase

Amy's bleach dvds

Amy's manga

Amy's cell phone

Amy's laptop

Amy's ipod

Amy's mother/art teacher Lily Baker/ Kim West

Tara Collins (Amy's best friend/ Neighbor)

Amy's prom dress

Katy Silver

Katherine Rose Silver "Katy"

Katy's horse "Hollywood"

Katy's horse supplies

Katy's school bag

Katy's clue bag

Katy's suitcase

Katy's comforter

Katy's cellphone

Katy's laptop

Katy's prom dress

Katy's braces

Katy's bike

Katy's ipod

Katy's ipod arm band

Katy's locket 1

Katy's locket 2

Katy's purse

Katy's keychain

Katy's pocket knife

Hollywood's brushes

House of Anubis Stables

Stalls (Outside View)

Stalls (Inside)

tack room

feed room

jumping ring (Outdoor)

Dressage ring (Outdoor)

Indoor Ring

Girls at CanterFree

Megan (Instructor)

Taylor (Katy's bff)

Chelsea Higgins

Brittney Knight

Victoria Mason

Sasha O'Brian

Chris Parkson

Corey Fisher (See's Ghosts)

Corey Ann Fisher

Corey's outfit's

Corey's suitcase

Corey's Comforter

Corey's school bag

Corey's clue bag

Corey's straightener

Corey's curling iron

Corey's crimper

Corey's hair dryer

Samantha Jones (Woke up from being in a coma for 5 years)

Samantha Jones "Sammie"

Willow Nelson

Willow Nelson

Meghan Porter

Meghan Grace Porter

Megan's outfits

Meghan's straightener and curler

Meghan's hair dryer

Meghan's suitcase

Meghan's comforter

Meghan's school bag

Sophia Morgan Grace

Sophia Morgan Grace "Phia"

Andrea Cole

Andrea Cole "Andy"

Juliet Stewart

Juliet Stewart "Jules or Julie"

Brandon Morgan

Juliet's style

Juliet's suitcase

Brandon's suitcase

Mandy Lynne

Mandy Lynne

Harry Potter Stories

Juliet Zoey Hamilton (related to Gryffindor) (Front) Juliet Zoey Hamilton (back side)

Danielle Marie Carter (related to Ravenclaw)

Alexis Krista Conner (related to Hufflepuff)

Madelyn Holly Porter (Related to Slytherin)

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