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Jeez, I can't believe I still have an account here. Don't expect me to post stories, and don't expect my favourites list to accurately represent my tastes any more; there's a lot of stuff in there that I read in like, junior high and high school, back when I was young and didn't know what good fic looked like. I generally don't favourite any more, because I never look at my page here so what's the point? I just add fics I like to my author alerts, and even that's not very often. I don't have much time to write or read fics any more, and I especially don't have time to read a fic with a lot of glaring flaws just because it's got one or two things I like, the way I used to do. So I guess if I start following you it means I'm really impressed, so congratulations, I suppose? But completely ignore this profile, because this account doesn't really represent me at all. It's way too much work to go through my favourites and shit and find out what stuff is actually crap and what stuff I'd like to keep. Because holy cow, is this shit old. I haven't been into Harry Potter for like, five years. Even longer with Inu Yasha.

Any fics I do write will be posted to Archive of our Own: http:///users/remi/works

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