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I, Mudd123, solemnly swear to review every fic I read, no matter how old, young, stupid, lovely, amazing, retarded, or horribly written it is. This is for all of you that are tired of seeing 100 hits and only 14 reviews. I've joined the Review Revolution. Have you?

Join us and copy and paste this into your profile!

Until September 14th 9:25PM, my username was people-these-days. I have changed it to Mudd123. I thought this was relevant. Relevant enough to be on my profile page. Just so you guys know, I love pancakes. Whoever makes me pancakes will have the awesomeness of a lifetime.

You guys can also follow me on Wattpad. Just in case you wanna read some of my other weird stories. I chose to keep the wickedness of my life so my username on Wattpad is fiyeraba.

The Wicked Creed

When ever it rains, I promise to remember Elphie.

When ever I see animal abuse, I promise to remember Doctor Dillamond.

When ever I see someone with disablities, I promise to remember Nessarose.

When I see someone who's vaintity blinds them, I'll think of Galinda.

When I see someone who's changed for good through a death, I'll remember Glinda.

When I hear about cruel dictators, I'll curse the Wizard and his deeds.

When I see a bullying teacher, I'll remember Madme Morrible.

When I see two lovers risking everything for the other, I'll remember Fiyero and Elphaba.

When I hear children teasing another for differences, I'll remember Elphaba and her strength.

When I see two friends fighting, I'll remember Glinda and Elphaba...and how one argument can effect the rest of your life.

When I see a boy lovesick over a girl that'll never be his, I'll remember Boq.

When ever I see a monkey chattering, I'll remember how hard Elphaba worked to get Chistery to talk.

If you love Wicked, You'll think of this creed and post it in you profile

If you are a complete and total overly-obsessed, die-hard, green-skinned, magic-wielding Wicked fanatic to the point that your rants and tirades sometimes make the obsession seem unhealthy to others, and are admitedly overprotective of Elphaba, but extremely proud to admit all of this, and are more than willing to openly smack someone as hard as you possibly can with all the strength in your body if and when they say something bad about Elphie, copy/paste this into your profile and add your name to the list:
Defying-Gravity-ForGood; mothermonstersElphaba; WickedSuperFan; RavenPuff Girl; Eriphabottackson; Elphabalover101; Wickedly Hope Pancake; Broadwaygirl21; Fae'sFlower; Mudd123

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