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I don't write fan fiction but I love to read it. My favorites are OHSHC, Ghost Hunt, Prince of Tennis. I also like crossovers of OHSHC with Vampire Knight, Fruit Basket and would Love to see more OHSHC with Ghost Hunt.. I would love to see how Kyoya & Naru interact and can see it as either they get along really well or hate each other. Also just thought how you could pair Naru or Lin with Haruhi and Mai with Chika, Kyoya or Mori maybe. Not sure on Mai with someone from OHSHC but it could be interesting if done right. I can think of great pairings for the other crossovers also I have read some really good Haruhi with Zero from Vampire Knight but they have not be completed yet which makes me sad.

After several years I have added Inuyasha to my favorites. I love to see Kagome in crossovers with other guys. I also have added Sailor Moon and Fruit Basket to the list.

I originally found www.fanfiction.net when i use to read The Sentinel and Highlander fan fiction but never registered. I have been commenting on so many stories and trying to follow them it is getting hard to remember them all (LOL) so I decided to register so I can follow & favorite the ones I like.

Well I hope this gives everyone a little info about me and my favorite fandoms.

I also want to say I admire anyone who writes a story and posts it. I think anyone who puts a story they created out there for others to read and comment on takes great courage. I am an avid reader of paperback/hardback books, ebooks and fanfiction and just want to thank every author/writer for allowing me the joy of reading what you have written.

Now I'm going to tell a few of my favorite pairings in the differnt fandoms I like. I didn't include the crossover pairings as there are to many to put in here. LOL

favorite pairings are:


Kyoya x Haruhi

Mori x Haruhi

Chika x Haruhi

Satoshi x Haruhi

and have started to like some Huni (Honey) x Haruhi

Ghost Hunt

Lin x Mai

Naru x Mai

and i have read a few John x Mai or Monk x Mai stories I have liked

Prince of Tennis

Tezuka x Sakuno

Fuji x Sakuno

and would like to see a good Momo x Sakuno


Kagome X Sesshomaru

Kagome X Inu Tashio

and love Kagome in crossover with different guys. I love to see her in Young Justice, Harry Potter, Avengers to name a few. There are just to many to name them all.

Sailor Moon

Usagi X Mamoru

I enjoy reading Usagi in Harry Potter with Draco or Harry and some others but I'm usually a fan of Usagi & Mamoru being together in most stories.

I will probably add to my favorite fan fictions and pairings again later as I'm always running across new fandoms and pairings.

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