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TitanFanLove101 PM
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Hi my name is Izzy

I love Teen Titans and Soul Eater,fairy tail ,Rosario Vampire ,SAO

My favorite couples are bb Rae , Cy bee , rob star , maka soul , blackstar Tsbuki,

Liz or patty Kid, and Wally Jinx ,nalu ,gale,jerza ,gruiva ,asaunaKirito Mona I forgot his name sorry

I love making people smile or laugh

Read my stories and review

btw sometimes I will write some sad stories

I've read a sad story and I said to my cosin " if one more person dies I will cry " and guess

what someone did die

i still love and hate that story Some times I will have fling or aqua terra or Toni or Roy who knows I will see until then I might add soul eater stories and for right now just Teen Titans but you have a great day or afternoon or whatever it is ok bye my love Toni would say or bye dude or later would be what gar would say

Love ,


Plz don't hate name

btw check out my friend Account drawgirlO100

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