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Hello everyone,

It's actually the same person here who had an account (I think it is still around!) under the name 'Kharina' many years ago. Unfortunately it's been so long that I've completely forgotten my password to that account and what email address I used to access it, so I've had to create another one.

Current Projects:


The Rebel: this is a fanfiction exploring what would happen if Aftran took a human nothlit form instead of a humpback whale at the end of number 29 the Sickness. I'm planning to cover the remainder of the series, and maybe a little after, though it will obviously be an AU so some of the later books will change. I'm planning to update it weekly, if I can manage it! Edit: Okay, so the weekly updates definitely aren't working out, but I am continuing work on this on and off. At the moment I have stuff written for up to the beginning of number 35, so I will be updating with this material for a while, and I am keeping writing!

The Collaborator: This is another Animorphs fanfiction exploring the life of a voluntary host after the war. I want to use it to explore the voluntary-Yeerk relationship, as well as explore what life was like for voluntary hosts and nothlit Yeerks after the war, as very few fics have explored the voluntary host angle on this.

Harry Potter

Grieving in Pink: This is an AU where Nymphadora Tonks and her father both survive the war. I'm hoping to explore a bit about how you can move forward, forgive and rebuild a society after what was effectively a civil war. The Tonks family are ideally placed to do that because (through Andromeda) they have connections to both sides, even though they personally are firmly with the 'good guys'. I also just love them as characters and couldn't bear it that poor Andromeda was left all alone with Teddy.

Possible future projects:

The Traitors: a series of short one-shots exploring a variety of different voluntary hosts: their reasons for becoming one and their relationships with their Yeerks at various stages of their time as hosts. I'm going to try to at least get a decent way through 'The Rebel' before I start this, though. I'm imagining it will probably be rated 'M' when it does appear just because of the nature of some of the characters and problems I intend to write about, so it won't appear on the main page without changing settings. But like I said, it'll probably be a while down the line!

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