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Hi there!

To tell you a little about myself, let me first start of with my name. My name is Nicole. I'm a proud Filipino and I love The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews, theatre musicals, movie musicals (especially Disney musicals), choral singing, music in general, and books- especially Harry Potter.

I then write stories about what I love, and I may have some grammar errors and typos, so...please bear with me.

I also have crappy update dates, and I am terribly sorry for that. But, I assure you that I will do try and keep up. Life can squeeze you in the middle of two boulders at times, and my strength to break free takes time.

Oh, and if ever you see "NAOA" or "Classical" as a guest reviewer, that's me. Well, now, I will go by "TheMountainGirl" at guest reviews.

I also make my story covers with the use of Canva (), Font Candy, or MediBang, and the pictures I use come from Google.

Finally, as a general disclaimer for my stories (but I will still put disclaimers in each story) I don't own anything in my fan fictions. It's just for fun, and well, an occasional dash truckload of feels.

I hope you'll enjoy my stories and if you may, leave a review perhaps?

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