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Hello! My name is Haley. Female. I am a fucking 14-year-old nerd who's obsessed with fictional characters. I'm very very American. That is all.

I ship it all. I seriously can't get into anything without ending up shipping shit. I don't really care what orientation it is either. Love is love, peeps. Deal with it.


Slash/Yaoi shipping: Creek (Craig & Tweek) from South Park & USUK (Alfred/America & Arthur/England) from Hetalia

Fem!Slash/Yuri shipping: Bubbline or Sugarless gum (Marceline & Princess Bubblegum) from Adventure time or Korasami (Korra and Aysami) from Avatar:LOK

Het shipping: SoMa (Soul & Maka) from Soul Eater or TamaHaru (Tamaki & Haruhi) from Ouran High school host club

OT3: The fryingpangle (Prussia x Austria x Hungary) from Hetalia

If you wanna talk I'm totally down with that. Just hit me up and I'll (Eventually) get back to you. Remember that I love you and have a great day!

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