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I am a male, human, too old to mention exactly HOW old. I am a large fan of EVA, Tenchi Muyo, Battle Angel/Gunnm, Love Hina, Oh My Goddess, and many others.

March 2008:

Just activated a beta reader account - any takers? Sorry to say I haven't had the energy for writing for a while, but I have still been reading. Just discovered Noir - a very dark and minimalist piece. Good stuff!

September 2006:

Well, well. I managed to get out more stuff - chapter two of Moonlight! I really hate writer's block. Doesn't help that I am so busy with other things. Moving On may be added to sooner or later - I keep trying, but it isn't coming out the way I want it to. Sympathy has some potential to be expanded as well, but I can't get anything together that actually seems to work. Maybe with my writing group starting up again for the fall... So, 'nuff said - hope you all enjoy the stories.

July 2005:

Another story has come and gone, I am still in the midst of an internal debate over continuing "Moonlight"; several reviewers have requested me to - I don't know yet.

A real dumb thing just occurred to me though: my pen-name, "deckman" is taken directly from Battle Angel Alita, and yet, I haven't written any Battle Angel stories? How's that for a completely irrelevent observation?

January 2005:

Well, I seem to have managed to find myself stuck in a new series - Gunslinger Girl. I got the first volume of the manga and couldn't put it down. Then the idea for "Sympathy" appeared. AND I managed to actually write it!


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